Vampire Academy Movie Review!

 Had me a date with Dimitri Friday night! I watched Vampire Academy with my sister and I was happy to see fans of the series there. We bonded over our love for the books and the excitement of it being brought to life.

Let’s begin the review! (SPOILER FREE)

Rose Hathaway (Zoey Deutch) is a Dhampir (half-vampire, half human) mortal and doesn’t drink blood. Some Dhampir become guardians for Moroi, a mortal vampire race, that need blood to survive. Rose’s best friend is Lissa Dragomir (Lucy Fry) a Moroi. Each Moroi have a special ability, Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Wind. In St. Vladimir aka Vampire Academy, a school for both Moroi and Dhampirs, Moroi’s are taught about their abilities and how to control them and Dhampirs are in training to become guardians.

What make Lissa extra special is that she has an element that hasn’t been known for centuries, Spirit. An ability that heals and can bring the dead back to life. Not only are Rose and Lissa best friends, their connected. Lissa’s family were in a car accident and instantly killed. Rose and Lissa were also in the vehicle, however with Lissa’s new power of Spirit she ended up saving Rose. Having used her power to being Rose back from the dead, it left a link between. Rose can hear and get into Lissa’s mind, but it is only possible for Rose. Training to become a guardian, with their special link Rose would be the greatest choice for Lissa.

After the deaths of Lissa’s parents and brother Andre, and getting her new power, Rose started to feel like the academy might not be safe to stay anymore. Taking it upon herself she and Lissa escaped and were gone for a year. Until the academy found them, Dimitri to be more specific. Dimitri (Danila Kozlovsky) is known as a God, a guardian and new to the academy. When Lissa and Rose are returned to the St. Vladimir Dimitri notices the bond between the girls. When the headmistress suggests Rose be expelled, Dimitri tells them of the special bond and volunteers to train Rose.

Rose is ordered to spend little to no time with Lissa. Having to get back to her old routine, Rose and Dimitri become closer. Rose begins to feel something more than just respect for Dimitri. Although it would be forbidden since he’s a guardian, oh and the seven year difference between them doesn’t help either. Another than Lissa, Rose finds herself back to her good old friend Mason (Cameron Monaghan) who just happens to feel more romantic about her than she does for him.

Let me point this out that Mason was played beautifully by Cameron Monaghan! He was perfect! Exactly how I pictured him. He had the humor down just like Mason. I’m in love with Dimitri, but my heart is also in love with Mason.

The was another character that was played well, Mia (Sami Gayla) Lissa’s and Rose’s enemy. Someone who would do anything to hurt the girls. Just like the series, you hated Mia then felt sorry for her. The movie definitely showed that.

Vampire or not high school will always be a nightmare. So we covered the Moroi (good) now let’s talk about Strigoi (bad) vampires. There are ways for someone to become Strigoi, either a Strigoi turns them, Moroi or human, or if a Moroi willing turns by killing. Guardians are always on high alert at the academy and with special powers as a shield Strigoi can not enter.

With Rose always with Dimitri training, Lissa finds herself with the school’s outcast, Christian Ozera (Dominic Sherwood) Christian’s parents willing turned Strigoi and were hunted down by guardians and were killed. Everyone stays away from Christian afraid that because of his parents he too will become Strigoi. Lissa however gets to know him and falls in love. Christian and Lissa’s relationship grows deeper. Lissa manages to bring out a side of Christian that even he didn’t know he had. Lissa, with her new Spirit power, begins to have side effects. With losing control, rumors of herself and Rose and everything else Christian makes her happy which over powers everything else.

Suddenly Lissa starts to receive disturbing messages, “leave or die” and Rose remembers why they left the first time. Trying to figure out who is after Lissa, what their bond really means, Rose’s forbidden feels towards her teacher, Lissa’s dangerous boyfriend and a high school bully with fangs. Isn’t that you’re typical high school life?

I promised no spoilers but I will say, THANK YOU FILM CREW FOR ADDING THIS SCENE TO THE MOVIE! It was my favorite scene in the book and happy it made it to the big screen.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones was the greatest film adaption I have ever seen, and Vampire Academy was a just as good. With the humor and mystery  that made me love the series, the movie did awesome with showing it.

If you haven’t seen it, GO AND SEE WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!

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