Last Sacrifice Book Review (Vampire Academy #6)

Shocked, yes.
Emotional, definitely.
Happy ending? Depends on you, seriously.

Writing reviews is hard without spoiling anything, it’s extremely difficult when it’s a series, because you try to not give some info of the next books. So this is not different.

Bare with me, because this is going to be like a code that won’t be able to decipher until you read the books. I hope!

Rose is in trouble, which isn’t surprising since it’s natural for her. In this case, she was in shock. Not only is she in major trouble, she is also an unable to help get herself out of it. That is in the hands of her friends. I loved that Richelle Mead included everyone from each book into this one case involving Rose. It felt right and to be honest I felt like crying from joy. Lissa, Christian, Adrian and Eddie were of course going to help Rose, but when Abe, Sydney, Mikhail and Dimitri teamed up too, well let’s saw I’m surprised I didn’t brake my ankle from jumping up and down!

You get two different stories, with of course Rose’s and Lissa’s link, but I loved that with these two groups, even though they were dealing with different opticals, yet all had the same goal.

This was probably the first series, even book, that I was conflicted with the love choice. Won’t say who I’m talking about, that’s something you’re going to have to read to find out.

With just a huge mystery that was tearing up the group and lies finally revealed you get the sense that something was yet to happen that was going to change everything. AND THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPEN!

Ending a series of two, three or more is always hard to adjust to reality again. You connect to the characters in a level that when you reach the final pages, you try to hang on as much as possible. Vampire Academy definitely surprised me. I fell in love with everything about it. A different type of vampire book and changed the way you see vampires in general. I loved that Richelle Mead not only made you love the main characters but she made you love the rest of the characters, they become just as important as the main ones.

Rating on Vampire Academy is definitely one of my favorites now, a must read and will linger inside my head for a while. Which is the best rating a reader could give.

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