Frozen Movie Review!

Late in my review, I KNOW, haven’t had time to watch all the movies that I want. So on that note let’s do this!

The story is about two sisters, Elsa (Idina Menzel) and Anna (Kristen Bell), there deep bond is shattered when an accident occurs when they played together one night. Elsa, the oldest, was born with a special ability to create snow. When she starts to play with her sister, she accidentally hits Anna on the head causing their parents to take them to some magical troll to heals her. In order to heal Anna the troll erasers her memory of Elsa’s powers. The king and Queen decide to isolate themselves from the rest of the town.

 The King and Queen decide to leave on a trip over seas causing their boat to sink. Elsa’s powers are out of control and Anna’s isolation from everyone everything seems to be a dark place for the sisters.

Three Years after their parents death…

Elsa’s Coronation. An important event, however for Elsa it’s a nightmare. For the first time in years they will be having guest to the castle and trying to contain her powers while being on the center of attention, yeah awesome party!

Elsa’s has anxiety, as for Anna excitement to finally socialize. Anna meets a handsome Prince Hans (Santino Fontana). With so little social skills Anna is drawn to Hans. She believes that she has found love at first sight. You really feel like they have something together and after about what looks like a couple hours, Hans proposes and Anna accepts.This is definitely the first Disney film that says the truth…”YOU CAN’T MARRY SOMEONE YOU JUST MEET’ -Elsa

Wanting to get her sister’s blessing on her engagement for which Elsa refuses. Causing her stress her powers explode. Afraid she might hurt someone she fleas. Anna however knows that Elsa would never hurt her so she goes off to save her sister.

On her quest, Anna finds herself with Kristoff (Johnathan Groff) and his reindeer friend Sven. Desperate, Anna asks Kristoff for helping locate Elsa. I liked the scene where they sledding away and he tells her she’s basically crazy for getting engaged to a stranger.

The crew then runs into a talking snowman named Olaf (Josh Gad). I have to say this, THIS SNOWMAN MADE THIS MOVIE! Seriously, this guy was hilarious and if it weren’t for him this movie would have not been as good. He brought so much humor, that whenever his scenes were up I was cracking up.

The soundtrack was okay, I really only like one song, “Let it go” performed by Idina Menzel

This movie is definitely a sister movie, and a movie about finding yourself. Disney once again did an amazing job in getting you in to feel what the characters are feeling.

LITTLE FUN FACT!  Rapunzel and Flynn Rider make an appearance! It’s about 2 seconds but I NOTICE IT 🙂

So the movie was…okay, I’ll admit it, pretty great. Tangled will forever be my favorite but I will give props to Frozen!


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