Divergent Book Review!

Well, I can add Four on my fictional boyfriends now.
I freakin love Divergent, let me say this again… I FREAKIN LOVE DIVERGENT!
Beatrice (Tris)Prior is about to take a test the determines her future. Once the teenagers turn sixteen they are put to a mental test through from an injection. This world is broken in 5 different factions; Abnegation, Erudite, Dauntless, Amity, and Candor.
Each Faction has a different purpose and contributes in a different way to society.
Abnegation :The selfless
Erudite:The Intelligent

Dauntless:The Brave

Amity: The Peaceful

Candor: The Honest
Each faction live up to their title and once they turn sixteen they find out which faction they belong to. Might be the same faction which they grew up in or different one. Which makes them a traitor in their families eyes.
When Tris, from Abnegation, takes the test and comes back that she’s Divergent, her life is now in danger. Divergent is something that can’t be controlled and that’s what leaders from the factions fear. Trying to keep herself hidden she chooses Dauntless.
In Dauntless, who are basically fearless, she meets Four.
Trying not to give away any clues of her being Divergent should be priority one, but trying not to die or become factionless before she actually becomes a member of Dauntless.
This book is non-stop action packed, emotional, funny and I loved every second of it! Can’t wait to start book 2 and 3.


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