Saving Mr. Banks Movie Review!

supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, spoonful of sugar, chim chim cheree as Disney fans we know that those songs belong to Mary Poppins. We know the story but how did it really come about.

Mrs. Travers remembers her family, especially her loving father who encouraged her to believe in anything. Her father, Travers Goff (Colin Farrell) loving and devoted father was also an alcoholic.

P.L. Travers was the author of the beloved books of Mary Poppins. P.L. Travers, full name Pamela Lyndon Travers, portrayed by Emma Thompson is focused on this film.  After refusing Walt Disney (Tom Hanks) for rights of her books to be turned into film, her lawyer tells her of the importance of accepting the deal would help he get her out of financial ruin.

Relentlessly she accepts under the condition of her ABSOLUTE INPUT of what goes on the film. Mrs. Travers heads to LA to meet Disney. When she arrives a chauffeur is there waiting for her. You can tell that she doesn’t want to be there and takes it on him. His name is Ralph (Paul Giamatti) who just wants to make her feel comfortable by a simple conversation about the weather.

Once they begin with production of Mary Poppins, which in her words “WILL NOT BE A MUSICAL” Mrs. Travers does everything to make their decision making difficult. Even the man that created the happiest place on earth becomes unhappy. However, Walt reveals to Mrs. Travers that he promised his little girls that their beloved Mary Poppins would be made into a movie.

With the composers, Don DaGradi (Bradley Whitford),  and brothers Robert Sherman (B.J. Novak) and Richard Sherman (Jason Schwartzman) on their tip toes, it’s pretty difficult trying to please someone who hates the entire idea.

I loved the flash backs of Mrs. Travers because it shows you that Mary Poppins isn’t just a children books, but really her childhood.

I knew this movie was going to make me cry, YEAH THAT’S AN UNDERSTATEMENT!! You definitely see Mary Poppins in a whole different light after this movie.

I do know that some people think that this movie left out a lot of important information about what P.L Travers really thought about the movie, her life after her childhood, etc. Some fact I myself didn’t know, like Mary Poppins was a books first, that Mr. Banks was based on Mrs. Travers father. Others say that they didn’t mention P.L. Travers adopted a son, making her a single parent.

  • actually, if you play close attention, when asked if she has children she replies, “well kind of”
  • At the end when she is crying during the movie, people thought that it was changed because P.L Travers had said many times over that she cried and left the movie theater because she didn’t approve of film. Again, close attention, Walt asked her to trust her and she said she just doesn’t like the penguins.
  • Was it closure for her to see her book on the screen? Probably not because she hated it. However, she believed in her work and Mary Poppins, and that to her was an achievement that no one couldn’t understand.

There are many facts that were put in film, because of time, the essences of the story etc. This movie was a little inside of Mary Poppins and her creator.  If you truly want to know the whole real story, read her biography, Disney’s Biography, but look at this movie for what it was…a beautiful and honest movie about a beloved Disney classic. I loved this movie very much and honestly say that Disney, although he is considered the happiest man on earth, was shown as…well…human! He (or I should say Tom Hanks) shows that he too has grudges, he understands why Mrs. Travers is so protective of Mary Poppins because he too considers Mickey Mouse as family.

If you haven’t seen this movie definitely watch it!


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