Allegiant Book Review!

Why? WHY?!
I’m emotionally drained! I have never cried so much for a book before. Keep in mind I’ve read Harry Potter and other depressing books that have brought tears to my eye, but not like this.

Tris, Tobias, Caleb, Christina and Peter join together to end this battle before it ends up destroying everything. You would think that a government so large would help them, only they were the ones to fear.

I never would have thought I would prefer Peter over Caleb but I do. Tris is still trying to recover from her loss and trying not to end her relationship with Tobias, even though I get why she wanted to but at the same time Tobias and Tris are so similar that it tends to explode.

Tobias and Tris’s relationship was put to a test and when you think it will end you realize, just like they do, they bring out the best in each other. You learn more about what happen in Chicago and more about Tris’s mother.

Chapter 50 once you reach it is when all things change. It’s when you lose control and ball your eyes out. When you feel like your heart will pop out of your chest.

This book hit me, hit me hard. I fell in love with the first book and this book, a book that ended it all, well let’s say that I will need days to recover.

Having both Tris’s and Tobias’s point of view was a great way to see a bigger picture of their world. It makes you ask yourself very serious questions. I hate to end a series but it was a series worth reading.

The only advise I give to future readers of this series is, prepare for ride and prepare to be shattered.


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