Heaven is for Real Book Review!

This book isn’t just for religious people. That being said, it was beautifully written.
Heaven is for Real is told by Todd Burpo, a husband, pastor, and father of two kids. Todd Burpo tells the story of his 3 year old son Colton who said he went to heaven and came back.

I’ve never read anything like this before. I mean, we’ve all heard different stories of people claiming they went to heaven and described it and so forth. Yet, having a child saying it and know details of things that no one ever told him about was pretty amazing.

What I liked about this book was that Todd is a pastor and reacted, well, like a normal person. I say that because some spiritual leaders tend to act different and respond in a certain way, which makes people think that perhaps they aren’t being as truthful as they claim to be.

What do you say to your child when they tell you they’ve seen a family member that passed away before they were born?

What do you say to you child when they say they don’t mind dying because they’ll return to heaven?

I loved this book and honestly made me thankful of my faith, which needs work, but I’m not perfect.

I recommend it to anyone that’s looking for a good read.


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