The Fault in Our Stars Book Review!


Illness, of any kind is difficult, especially in a child or own child. The Fault in Our Stars was beautifully written and let me say this, you start to reevaluate.

Hazel is a sixteen year old girl with cancer. Her mother forces her daughter to attend a cancer’s patients support group. There she meets Augustus Waters.

Augustus Waters has been in remission and is drawn to Hazel. Hazel knows her days are limited and tries to “save him the pain” of heart brake.

John Green did just an amazing job with his book! Hazel and Augustus weren’t just victims of illness but they way the handle it and view the world around them, amazing!

Hazel with her anger in eggs being considered a breakfast food.
Augustus having a pack of cigarettes but never lights them…metaphor (you have to read it to understand it)

This book is fictional, yet seemed real to me. It brought up points that made total sense. When a book grabs you instantly is a good read. When a book makes you reevaluate the world, and yourself is a rare precious gift.

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