What if? Have you ever wondered? I WANT THEM TOGETHER!

You don’t have to be a total fan girl, such as myself, to want a certain character to get it on with another character. I’m positive that when you’re watching for favorite show/movie/read a book, you thought to yourself “man I hope this two characters get together.” I’m certain that when they don’t get together you feel like you’ve been robbed or if they do end up together you feel like they should have added more love scenes to show off their love for each other. You know like a porno. Come on, you know I’m not the only one!

For example, not too long ago J.K Rowling said that she originally wanted Harry and Hermione together, not Ron with Hermione. That didn’t sit well with me. As a HP fan I liked Ron and Hermione together however, if I had to choose a different character for her it would be Draco. Think about, what better love story than a innocent, intelligent, good hearted person like Hermione than to fall for the evil, lying, asshole like Draco. IT’S PERFECT!

We always talk about our favorite show, movie or book and think, “if I could change things it would go like this..”

Sure there’s a lot of movies with happy endings. Yet, you’re left with wanting more.

Another example: Twilight. I know, I know just bare with me. Bella’s and Edward’s honeymoon scene. This was the ultimate moment we have all been waiting for and…NOTHING! Yep, that’s right. In the book right when their about to get down and dirty she awakes up. TOTAL FREAKIN RIP! Then came along E.L James! Fifty Shades of Grey started out as a fanfiction for Twilight. Something we wanted and NEEDED! E.L James then turned it into her own story.

Fanfiction isn’t just something to read and move on. No, it give us that missing piece.

Fanfiction opens that door to imagination but reaches out to writes that take it upon themselves to give us something that it’s original owner couldn’t give us.

fanfiction.net has about everything you can think of. Favorite shows, movies, comics, books etc. Their categorized and you may filter it to your liking.

Search the topic you want. Then you have the opinion to a certain rating.

I’m a huge romance junkie and go straight rated M.

This site is completely FREE! Also you may add your own story when inspiration hits.

Some stories are still in working progress and some completed.

Here are my favorite stories from this site.

The Lady and The Imp by SandyBell74

Wolf in the Lion’s Den by BellatrixLives

The Little Lion & Young Wolf by YoungWolf21

(Completed) Blood of Dragons by PriscillaPal

(Completed) Isolation by Bex-chan

(Completed) Hermione Malfoy by SuperScar

(Completed) Hunter by Bex-chan

(Completed) Valentine Encounter by Kyra4

Looking For Trouble by Timeless23


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Wattpad is known for writers to share their stories with us. This site is completely FREE and has fanfaction as well. Some of these stories come so popular they end up getting published.

Again, some stories are working progress and some are completed.

Here are my favorite stories on Wattpad…

(Completed/Published) The Bet by ilurvbooks

The Bad Boy and the cheerleader by aprilbrookshire

(Completed) Mr. and Mrs. Impossible by tauralicious

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Hope you end up reading some of what caught my interests or just swing on by and browse for yourself. I’ll post more stories once I get to reading them.

If you have a fanfiction or story you like me to read, comment below and let me know!


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