Instructions Not Included Movie Review!


Instructions Not Included, written and directed by Eugenio Derbez, is about a man named Valentin (Eugenio Derbez) who is fearful of commitment. In flashbacks it shows that Valentin’s father took it upon himself to teach Valentin to be fearless by locking him in a closet by himself in the middle of the night, to concur his fear of the dark. Having a tarantula on his face, to overcome his fear of spiders. Pushing him off a high cliff into the sea, to be fearless of heights.

He grew up resenting his father and we learned that is why he fears commitment. Going through woman to woman, he finds himself with a predicament when one of his lovers knocks on his door with a three month of baby, his baby. Julie (Jessica Lindsey) tells him if he could hold the baby while she pays for the taxi downstairs. While Valentin still in shock he holds his new baby, while waiting for the mother to return.

When realizes that Julie has just abandoned her new baby his freaks out and sets out to return the baby…in the states. With nothing by the baby’s name, Maggie and a photo of Julie, he manages to seek into the states unnoticed. Valentin knows he can’t parent a child, can’t be the responsible adult and care for his child. Yet when he leaves the baby untended his risked his life to save her…from a 13 floor window into the swimming pool. Not realizing that a movie director, Frank Ryan (Daniel Raymont) watched in amazement of the heroic act and gives Valentin a job as a stunt man.

Six year later, Valentin and Maggie (Loreto Peralta) have grown closer then ever. His success in the stunt business helped him support Maggie. Although, others might think that he spoils her too much and doesn’t take his role in fatherhood serious, you see the love and adoration he has towards her.

However, having a loving father Maggie feels alone because she wishes she would meet her mother. Valentin not having the heart to tell her the truth, he writes letters pretending to be Maggie’s mother, telling her how much she misses her and how her works keeps her away.

Valentin is shocked to learn that Julie has made contact and wishes to meet Maggie. Knowing that Maggie deserves to meet her mother, he is angry and hurt that after all this time she’s come back. Life becomes unbearable when Julie decides to take Maggie away from him.

Valentin will do anything for Maggie! When everything happens Valentin learns that life doesn’t care if you’re ready or not.

I had hear nothing but great things about this movie, yet I postponed it. When I finally watched, I was in utter shock as how beautiful this movie was! It was to me Oscar worthy!





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