Because You Are Mine #1 Book Review!

I should really stop comparing every love story (just the very explicit ones) to Fifty Shades series.


My sister’s client recommended this series to me and had even lean me her copies to me. When someone lets someone else borrow their books, that’s respect! Seriously, it’s like leaning ones child!

When I got home I did some research of my own and notice that there was two other books before the books she lean me. I just couldn’t have that! So I tracked it down and found book 1.

Francesca is an artist.
Ian is a wealthy, successful business man.

Francesca wins a contest which means she gets a party celebrating her and her art work is displayed. Ian was the one that had chosen the winning and ends up attracted to Francesca upon meeting her.

Yeah, same story I usually love, yet I didn’t. I liked that fact that Francesca would speak before she thinks. It was realistic and funny, which made her different than the serious and controlling Ian. What I didn’t like was that she was way way too naive.

It was like she was bipolar! First she would be a strong female who didn’t like to deal with shit, then she was all “anything you want Ian”…WHAT THE FUCK LADY! TELL HIM OFF!

I mean just cause you love the guy doesn’t mean you need to be a complete slave to him.

There was one scene at the end where he is furious with her and they’re heading back to Chicago. For Ian he takes sex and punishment in the same way, so he told Francesca to go to the bedroom so he could “fuck her” for just his pleasure, not hers.

This would have been a great opportunity to tell him “I’m not going to give you my pussy cause you’re being a DICK!”

I WOULD HAVE CHEERED!! Like YES, TELL HIM GIRL! It would have made him realize that his way doesn’t work for a healthy and stable relationship. If Ian truly loved Francesca he would be like “Damn I am a complete moron!” Then that’s when they would make up and have whatever kinky sex and live happily ever after.

I know Ian has issues because of his childhood, totally get that! Same goes from Christian Grey with his dark past. I felt like Christian didn’t reveal his true colors to Anastasia until she freaked out on him, which, might I point out, he came to his senses. Christian held back a lot when it came to Anastasia. Sexually or emotionally Christian knew that Anastasia deserved a “respectful relationship.”

Ian was just “I want you when I want you and that’s that” and of course Francesca just goes “sure, okay.”

I will say that some of the things Ian did for Francesca was very sweet and romantic. However, that was it. It was like he did the huge thing for her and return to their weird thing with each other. I never felt like they really loved each other. I felt like they both loved the sex with each other and got comfortable. Nothing more.

Will I read it again? No, I can honestly say that which is a bummer because I was expecting another good love story.

Guess Christian and Anastasia have a huge love story that everything else seems irrelevant.

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