Just Do It…But Sometimes I’m Glad You Dont!

With the SHOCKING episode of Game of Thrones…as usual, I had the urge to speak my overly crowed head.

In the words of Anna (Kate Beckinsale) in Van Helsing (2004)

“I think if you’re going to kill someone, kill them. Don’t stand there talking about it.” Then she kills the psycho vampire broad!

I love this movie, just to point that out there, especially because she said and did the very thing that had always bugged me. For example: Batman and Joker. We all know Batman had more archenemies however, the Joker was his main villain. Batman had many MANY opportunities to defeat his enemy who has killed countless of people and his closest friends. Yet, when it come down to it he wouldn’t end his life to end more suffering.

Again, I get it because of his beliefs but come on! We would still root for him cause HE’S BATMAN!

Man of Steel starring Henry Cavill as Clark Kent aka Superman (2013) a lot of people were pissed and I mean PISSED (all caps) because Superman killed General Zod.

*I don’t consider that a spoiler because you still haven’t seen Man of Steel, SERIOUSLY CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’RE HUMAN!

Yes, Superman doesn’t kill. Had they not been paying attention to the news or even taken a look outside their windows and see the damage General Zod had created. Did you honestly think that arresting him would make him stop? I mean Jor-El had tried that and look how great that turned out. You could see the pain in Superman’s face when the deed was done, yes he would me grieving and felt ashamed but nothing time and some “alone time” with Lois Lane couldn’t fix.

Now, there are time when characters, either movies, tv shows or movies, where their captured by the villain…this is time where you are glad that they talk and ramble on and on that the character manages to escape or someone finally frees them. Relief and excitement explode! You don’t ever EVER want a major or/ and favorite character to be killed off and have the enemy win. UMMM NEGATIVE!

Yet, we always, probably only me, think heroes should just end it and save everyone but have the evils never get the chance to kill them. Come on light always overcomes dark, good guys always win etc. That should be a law!

Lately authors and producers or screen writers have been torturing us with so many deaths that if another people tells me that it isn’t real is definitely getting socked in the throat!

So that ends this venting session…for now anyway. Thanks for reading! Since it’s 11pm here in I wish you a good night or good morning to some!


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