Fanfiction: Hunted- Dramione Review!

Have myself an obsession with Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger! I’m not sure when it really started but it has definitely blossomed.  When I heard that J.K Rowling was actually going to pair Hermione with Harry Potter instead of Ron Weasley, I damn near blew my head off!

I remember reading Harry Potter and hoping to finally have Ron and Hermione together. Now, years later I’ve found that I would really REALLY like Draco and Hermione together.

Think about it! Heroine Hermione Granger, born as muggle and fought in the war against Voldemort falls in love with archenemy Draco Malfoy, pure blood, follower of Voldemort and turned death eater.

That’s a romantic story right there!

Thanks to the wonderful world of fan fiction we can have them come true.  I’m amazed of how extremely talented this writers are to not only write about the characters we fell in love with but to have them in a different way and still keep their personalities that we have all loved about them. They don’t take away anything from the original story but created a new and wonderful one.

Hunted is one of those stories.

Hunted by Bex-chan

I LOVED THIS STORY! Seriously, I couldn’t stop reading it! She did just an incredible job!

4 years after the war with Voldemort, Draco Malfoy has been given a chance to prove that he has changed. In order to do that he is know working for the ministry. When murders start happening the bring in someone to help him solve it, Hermione Granger. Not only was Draco a death eater and follower of Voldemort but he was also Hermione’s bully since the very beginning. With so much history Hermione and Draco must work together to solve this murders before more pile up.

You know the story, Draco bad- Hermione good. Everything is the same, except Draco now, technically a good guy working for the ministry. Hermione doesn’t like him and vice versa. I loved that they couldn’t stop arguing in the beginning then they finally came to an understanding. I loved that it wasn’t rushed or forced just because it was their story. It made it all the more special because we knew that Draco and Hermione wouldn’t just let everything go.

Amazing story of two characters I wished would have ended up together. I’m still Hermione and Ron, but I admit I love Draco because of fan fiction stories.

So head on over and read yourself this awesome story –


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