Beautiful Disaster Book Review!


Abby wanted to escape her hometown and start new. Attending Eastern University with her best friend America, then want nothing more than to have fun and try to forget what the left behind.
America’s boyfriend Shepley invites them to a secret underground fight ring, with his cousin who is undefeated, Travis “Mad Dog” Maddox.
Abby is pushed caused by the chaos into Travis, which would be the part where eyes meet and they instantly fall for each other…yet she’s a appalled!
With girls running to Travis and basically throwing themselves at him, Abby turns away. Travis finds that attractive. Travis then gives Abby all his attention, which just annoys her more. She finally tells Travis she doesn’t want to be like every other girl so she won’t sleep with him. Travis then finds himself wanting her around, even with no sex included.

I loved the whole love/hate relationship they had and even enjoyed them as friends.

Things turn when Travis admits to Abby that in the ring of a fight he purposely lets the other guy hit him for entertainment. Abby then bets against him. Travis ups it even more, betting her that if he loses he would be go a month without sex, but if he wins Abby must live with him for a month.

The things between change from strangers, friends, best friends to their feelings driving them crazy, which brings crazy situations.

At first I thought Travis had some secret that his cousin Shepley and American didn’t want to reveal to Abby, and Abby having some secrets of her own.

I know that their relationship would make any person go crazy and even though Travis had a tempter… I mean seriously psycho alert!! His feeling for Abby never changed and you knew how much he loved her.

As for Abby, yes she had secrets from her past. I get why she did somethings, but one. Travis is a man whore and Abby is no gullible but what she did after… that throw me off because, speaking for myself, I wouldn’t be able to do that.

Other than that great story and yes a bit extreme for young adults but come on, think of some crazy things you’ve done and tell me that their story isn’t realistic.

I enjoyed it very much and would definitely recommend it to others and reread it again!


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