The Night Circus Book Review!

Does have romance, yet that is not what it’s about. Which is why it took me a little while to get into, that and the dates.

I had heard great things about this book and was expecting to be pulled into the story, as many claimed they were.

It wasn’t until close to the ending that it grabbed my attention.

The story is a chess game, for a lack of a better word.

Setting is taken place in the Victorian era.

Hector aka Prospero the Enchanter and Mr. A. H decide that it is time for another challenge against each other. However, they aren’t the ones competing. Both Hector and Mr. A. H aka Alexander have special abilities which most think is “tricks magicians do.”

Hector chooses his daughter Celia for the competition.

Alexander adopts an orphan named Marco.

Hector and Alexander remind me as Professor Xavier and Magneto from X-men.

The two men, with extremely different methods of training, bind their two competitors with rings. Which means they are bound until the game ends.

Celia and Marco don’t know of each other and aren’t allow to know much about the challenge that were forced on them.

“The circus arrives without notice”

That’s our chess board. They use the circus as their venue for the competition, which brings us more interesting characters.

The circus is nothing like your ordinary circus, you know those red and white tents with elephants and tigers doing tricks, and you can forget those scary ass clowns! Which in my opinion are only good for scarring children for life.

This circus is made up of special and talented performers. Illusionist, contortionist, lion tamers, fortune teller, twins siblings which one sees the past and one sees the future.

Other than the people who do impossible things inside the circus, the circus itself is magic. It arrives in different places without notice and only opens at night. Appears and disappears like a flick of light.

So we have the people from the circus, that aren’t aware their nothing more than chess pieces to a mysterious game, we meet someone from the outside.

Bailey, who like every attendee is drawn to the circus. However, Bailey plays a very important role that he doesn’t even realize.

Marco and Celia finally meet after years of being in the circus together and when they fall in love they learn a little bit more to the game and what they have been doing for thirty years.

This books is filled with magic and beautiful landscapes within the circus. It did take me a while to figure out the dates from each little page in the book, yeah I know it should have been obvious, WELL IT WASN’T! Once I finished I realized how absolutely beautifully it was written.

It’s definitely NOT CENTERED AROUND ROMANCE, although it does contain it and have an important part to it. Yes it is a bit confusing to explain but that’s the best way I can describe it.

I haven’t read a book with so much magic and amazing descriptions of the settings since Harry Potter, THAT’S A HUGE COMPLEMENT!!!


It’s a story worth reading and will definitely stay in your head. Now, I might just go to a circus, I just have to close my eyes for the clowns part.


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