Petals on the Wind Movie Review!

Lifetime’s Petals on the Wind is the sequel to Flowers in the Attic takes place 10 years after the attic. I was kind of thrown off when I heard three of the main characters were going to be recasted, since it’s 10 years after the characters are older there for they need older actor.

Surprisingly, it worked! I loved the sequel way more than the first, which isn’t very common.

Back to the story…

So it starts off with Cathy (Tinkerbell herself Rose McIver) Christopher (Wyatt Nash) and Carrie (Bailey Buntain) at their adopted father’s funeral. You see that even after a horrific childhood the three of them have had a good life after and want nothing more than to forget.

Cathy is a dancer, and you can tell that she’s a special one among her peers. At her rehearsal her coach’s son and rising star Julian (Will Kemp) is attracted to her. Julian offers Cathy a roll of a life time, a chance to perform in New York with him.

Christopher is in medical school with potential of becoming a good doctor. On his usual runs at the hospital he meets his mentor’s daughter (Whitney Hoy) who isn’t very good at hiding her flirting with him.


Carrie is the one that you feel most sympathy for. She’s in a bordering school where these two girls make it their goal to torture her. Carrie, yet older, hasn’t survived the trauma of what happened years ago.

So what happen to psycho bitch #1 and #2 better known as the Mother and Grandmother?

Let’s start with psycho bitch #1 Corrine (Heather Graham) has since been married and of course her now husband is filthy rich. With her dirty and disturbing secrets hidden from the world, she takes it upon herself to remove the evidence, if you will, by remodeling the entire Foxworth Hall, you know that mansion where she neglected her children and murdered one of them.

That brings us to psycho bitch #2 Grandmother Olivia Foxworth (Ellen Burstyn) first off let me say that Ellen Burstyn is freakin amazing! Playing a crazy old lady and sick yet scary ass hell, that my friends is talent!

Suffering from a “stroke” and having to have 24/7 care G-Olivia is still at resident at Foxworth Hall and refuses to leave and her daughter wants her in a nursing home and away from her.


In the remake of Flowers in the Attic I was disappointed in was the fact that they really didn’t show much of Christopher’s and Cathy’s “love scenes.” I know it’s on lifetime and not HBO or anything buy I’ve seen movies on Lifetime that go pretty steamy in their scenes. Well thankfully the sequel gave us, or at least me, the nitty greedy!

Now, I think I’ve said this before but I don’t mind repeating! You know an actor is a good kisser when they kiss on screen you feel like fainting! I didn’t think the actor playing Christopher aka Wyatt Nash was attractive…WELL GOOD LORD OH MIGHTY DID THAT CHANGE WHEN CATHY AND CHRISTOPHER KISS!

Totally messed up with you’re rooting for two characters to get together and they just so happen to be brother and sister. Fucked up yet true! Their love scene was intense and hot as hell! THE ACTORS DESERVE A HIGH FIVE!

Cathy tells Christopher that they can’t be like their parents and they can’t be together. Cathy tries to remove herself from Chris knowing that she’s the reason why he can’t move on with his life. Having to love someone who you shouldn’t don’t make the situation easier to avoid, makes it damn right impossible. TO A CERTAIN EXTENT!

 I loved this movie and loved the new cast! News is that two more books are going to be made into movies for Lifetime. I know that they will recast once again and one of the movies will be in the perspective of Cathy’s and Christopher’s children. Interested in seeing how it plays out, yet I want more of Cathy and Chris. Better yet more of Rose and Wyatt, them two are hot ass couple! Tinkerbell got it down, (Once fans )

Overall, surpassed the first one and made me want to read the series even more!


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