Oculus Movie Review!

I was surprised that Oculus wasn’t just a horror movie but with a psychological twist. You get glimpse of the past and present center around your typical all american family.

Tim and Kaylie Russell have a dark past, okay not dark but a really sad and scary past. Their parents were killed in front of them when they were younger. The mother, was tortured and shot all in the hands of their father. To escape and save themselves Tim, who was just 10 years old shot and killed their father.

Present time, Tim (Brenton Thwaites) now 21 years old has been institutionalized since the death of his parents. His primary doctor then says he isn’t a threat to himself or others, Tim is released.


His sister Kaylie (Karen Gillian) who had to cope with everything alone arrives when he is released. Brother and sister reunite but Kaylie informs Tim that she found the mirror. The same mirror that was in their childhood home, the mirror Kaylie blames for the murders of their parents.

Kaylie believes their parents were victims of a supernatural phenomenon and will be proving it with the help of her brother.

Kaylie sets ups cameras and timers all over the house as precautions. Tim thinks Kaylie has finally lost it and needs help. Kaylie tries to help Tim remember things that happen when they were younger that might explain things that weren’t normal.

As time passes Tim and Kaylie start remembering things and things begin to mess with their heads. The mirror not only makes things happen but it happens to protect itself from anyone trying to brake it.

I’m a fan of Karen Gillian and Brenton Thwaites, I was expecting a horror movie that would scare me yet it just pissed me off at the end. I just don’t like movies that end badly!

For what it was, I believe it was okay.

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