Aladdin Movie Review!

In honor to one of my favorite comedians/actors, Mr. Robin Williams, who we have lost to depression on Monday. I’m still in shock because he was a part of my childhood.

Depression is real and affects so many people, yet people ignore it! I hate hearing about people taking their lives because of it. I know that there’s help out there that would help them but the dark nature of it is that those demons won’t let you get it.

They say laughter is the best medicine. True! Will it make it go away? No, but it gives those demons a pause. That “pause” can save a life, your life.

I know from experience, depression is a sick disease. One that like, Robin Williams, don’t overcome. I want people to know that depression, anxiety, bipolar disease, IBS, etc. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

In honor of a man who brought us laughter to our lives and hearts, I wanted to review one of my favorite character he played!


Aladdin is a street rat and survives by stealing food. Though he’s known for trouble, Aladdin (Scott Weinger) may have a rough life but he’s kind at heart.


Then there’s Princess Jasmine, who has to marry another prince, according to the rules of ruling and her father.

Jasmine then sneaks off to know what else is out there for her, which she then meets Aladdin. The two get along quickly but when the guards from the castle find Jasmine they are taken apart.

Jafar (Jonanthan Freeman) the King’s adviser lies to Jasmine about Aladdin, then tricks Aladdin to get something for him.

Aladdin is taken to the Cave of Wonders to get a lamp for Jafar, not knowing he is being played. Once inside Aladdin is warn to touch nothing but the lamp and of course Abu, surrounded by gold, tries to steal it. When the cave started to close on them still inside, Jafar tells Aladdin to give the lamp. Abu knowing that Jafar was going to steal the lamp and leave them he gets the lamp back just in time before the cave closes.


Aladdin rubs the lamp and Genie (Robin Williams) who let me say is one of the greatest supporting actor! He’s performance is awesome!

The humor, and just his character all over was what made this movie beautiful! Sure, Aladdin and Jasmine were the main focus, but Genie was the star!

“A Friend like Me” is one of the greatest songs and was performed beautifully!

When Genie tells Aladdin he has 3 wishes, Aladdin comes up with a plan to win Jasmine’s heart. Aladdin disguises himself as Prince to win her heart and marry her. Of course the villain, Jafar, won’t allow it.

Aladdin and Jasmine and Genie team up and win against all odds!

Aladdin and Jasmine love and all, live happily ever after!


Aladdin is a Disney classic, and although it’s not my all time favorites, Genie is one of my favorite characters. For that I thank Robin Williams! Truly talented to not only make up laugh but to let out our child side free!

I won’t say he was taken too soon because I don’t think we’re ever ready to say good bye. I will say that Heaven gain an angel and we will forever be grateful to have had the honor to witness he incredible work!


RIP Robin Williams aka GENIE!





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