The Giver Book Review!

Having to constantly stop, because of the whole responsibilities of being an adult and all, is why this book took me a lot long than it should have to finish. Now, I didn’t read this book in middle school or high school as same were, so I was going in a newcomer.

A community where your ages aren’t described as we’re use to, example: “She’s six years old.” in their community it’s called being a Six. Each year the kids are given such jobs, community service if you will, which the elders (people in charge of the community) evaluate so when they turn twelve their placed in the job field for their rest of their lives. The community is controlled and the people believe that it works and there’s nothing wrong with it.

What makes this book different than The Hungers Games and Divergent? Everything is black and white.

That’s right you read that correctly. The community is completely depraved of color and not only that but they don’t know what color is.

Which brings us to the main character, Jonas. Jonas is turning twelve and is about to be selected for a job that he himself doesn’t know what he would be good at. Jonas begins to see something unoriginal, and it seems he’s the only one that sees it. When it’s time for the ceremony for the assignments, Jonas is selected to become their next Receiver.

A Receiver is someone who holds all the memories, that the rest of the community don’t, such as color, the past, memories of pain, loss, happiness etc. The community only always one receiver, once the receiver is old a new one is appointed and the old receiver trains the new one.

Jonas meets what he now called the Giver, because Jonas is the new Receiver, and starts his training. The Giver informs Jonas that once a memory is passed to him the Giver loses it completely.

Jonas, with new knowledge of what was and how his community are, he struggles to live life the same as before.

Jonas becomes more distant towards the rest of his family and friends knowing that their life style is wrong yet for them is normal.

I enjoyed this book and liked how Jonas reacted not just like someone who found out their life was a lie but as his age. It made the story more realistic.

A classic tale that was well written and enjoyable that I would definitely recommend!

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