Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere Review!

Saturday August 23rd wasn’t only a new season of Doctor Who but a new Doctor as well. 

As a Who fan I was excited yet nervous to see where they were going to go with the show. What was awesome was the Chris Hardwick hosted a before and after the show and discussed it with fans! Loved that!

A question was asked, what brought you to Doctor Who? which is only fair that I share my experience!

“The Empty Child” was the name of the episode that got me into Doctor Who. Christopher Eccleston was the 9th Doctor and may I say, IT SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME! It was in the middle of the night and I couldn’t sleep. Surfing through the channels and landed on Syfy (it was Scifi channel back then) I was intrigued about the settings, the creepy child with the gas mask asking for “are you my mommy?”

Since then I was obsessed and binge watched Doctor Who season 1-3.

That being said, Doctor Who is a show that love dearly!

When Matt Smith was cast I was hesitant, yet I fell in love with him just as I did with David Tennant. However, when I heard Peter Capaldi was the 12th Doctor I was…PISSED!! I thought he was too old and just didn’t look like the Doctor to me!

Flash forward to Saturday…

The scene where Peter aka The Doctor opens the Tardis door and shushs Strax, I was dumbstruck! That’s what the Doctor would do!

Other than looking and sounding like the Doctor he also had to have some chemistry with his current companion, Clara (Jenna Coleman)

This episode was very familiar to “The Girl in the Fire Place” which was an awesome feel to a previous Doctor (David Tennant)

Clara was definitely a brave chick in this episode! I loved that the Doctor was freaking out about who he was and what he needed to do.

Now, the ending…

CRIED LIKE A LITTLE GIRL!! Having Matt Smith return to call Clara was amazing!! Not only was she in denial that this new Doctor was the old Doctor, you felt the way she felt. Having Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor call her and tell her that the Doctor was more scared then she was and he needed her.

The 12th Doctor’s outburst to Clara about her not seeing him as “him” was heart breaking!

Doctor Who Deep Breath Matt Smith

So do I like the new Doctor? DEFINITELY! I can not believe how terrific he was in this episode. Off the record for an old guy he is definitely good looking! Must be a Doctor thing!

I’m super excited to see how the series progresses from here but from the looks of it, and based on episode 1, this season is going to be intense and amazing!


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