Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review!!

I’ve been dying DYING, to see Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy since I watched the trailer. Well, last night I finally watched it on the big screen!


Alright, before I start declaring my absolute adoration of the movie, let’s the story summary.

Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) was taken from Earth when he was just a boy. 26 years later he becomes a Han Solo type, a Junker, a person who “collects artifacts” and sells it. His character was just awesome, I loved when he said he’s nickname “Star Lord” as he was known everywhere. Totally full of himself, yet charming!


Getting side tracked, sorry. Quill finds something called “Orb” and before he can escape with it someone other men show up to take it from him. Quill manages to escape with his life and the Orb.




Gamora (Zoe Saldana), adopted daughter of  Ronan, is set to get the Orb from Quill.

Then there’s Rocket (Bradley Cooper) and Groot (Vin Diesel) two unlikely friends doing a search the on the citizens of Nova, who was a warrant and biggest reward. Rocket finds Quill to be of interest and a big pay day so they set on capturing him and handing him over. However, Gamora was there first you have two different teams trying to get to Quill and was done beautifully.

Causing chaos in the city they’re arrested. The four of them become cell mates! Genius right!


Inside the prison we learn the Gamora was betraying Ronan and was only trying to get the Orb to sell to another buyer. I loved that they formed their friendships inside prison. Which, come on most true friendships happen in jail, right?

Rocket is freakin hilarious!! Definitely my favorite character in the movie, other than Star Lord! Not only is he awesome in building weapons, which is a great tool to have when people are trying to kill you, but he is brutally honest that you yourself are thinking.

In prison they meet Drax (Dave Basutista) who is on a quest to revenge against Ronan because he murdered his wife and daughter.

And we have ourselves the Guardians of the Galaxy!

Aside from the movie the soundtrack was amazing!! 70s music that fit perfectly with the film!

You bet your ass I got the soundtrack on my phone!

This movie had humor, drama, action, all things that make a movies awesome but add Marvel to it and we got ourselves a hell of a good time!

Guardians is half Star Wars, Avengers, Star Trek, THESE MOVIE IS JUST AMAZING!!

Memorable character, awesome story line, terrific dialogues, out standing visual effects and a bitchin cast! YES, I SAID BITCHIN!

Guardians of the Galaxy is definitely one of my favorite movie!!

I have to mention her because I’m a fan of her since Doctor Who, Karen Gillian played Nebula, Gamora’s sister who she ends up fighting against. She did such an amazing job and totally kicked ass! She kept up with Zoe Saldana, which is a huge compliment!

Way to go Amy!!


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