Haven Is Back!

Last night was the season premiere of Haven on Syfy! who was eager to see where everyone was at once Audrey turned into Mara?

Quick recap from last season’s finale (Haven Season 4)

Audrey and Nathan have William in the chamber below the lighthouse, when Duke, Jennifer, the Teagues and Dwight arrive. While most of them consider the best way to proceed, William tells Duke what is happening to him: when Audrey re-Troubled him, all the Troubles that his family had absorbed over the generations were activated. Jennifer tells Audrey, Dave, and William to stand on the figures in the symbol on the floor and when she joins them a gulf opens in the center of the floor. Dave finds himself drawn into it, though Vince grabs him as he falls and with help pulls him back. When Audrey pushes William in, there are sparks between them and he says that he knew she was in there. Nathan then tackles him into the gulf. Jennifer closes the door, then collapses, saying that it wasn’t William they should have been afraid of. Duke is bleeding from the eyes. Audrey, now reverted to her original self, Mara, and once again in love with William, declares Duke as good as dead and asks who is going to help her get William back.


Audrey no longer Audrey but Mara (Emily Rose) is missing and pretty ruthless.

Duke (Eric Balfour) and Nathan (Lucas Bryant) are searching for their girlfriends, Jennifer (Emma Lahana) and Audrey, who isn’t Audrey anymore but Mara. Poor Nathan!

The guys still trying to figure what happen, where Jennifer and Mara are a new trouble emerges in Town. Duke nearly died in the lighthouse last season because Audrey returned his family troubles, EVERY LAST ONE. With the new threat in town Duke believes he might have unleashed a past trouble.

Mara searches a new portal to reunite with William since the lighthouse disappeared. I read some reviews of the episode and some thing the maybe Mara isn’t “bad” enough. For example, the scene where Mara shoots Dwight (Adam Copeland) in the woods, but doesn’t kill him. Instead she tasered him.

Dwight: “She took my taser and a fair amount of my pride.”
Nathan:” You’re lucky she didn’t kill you.”
Dwight: “I think she was having too much fun electrocuting me.”

That to me seems pretty bad! Yes killing is wrong and the people the do it are evil, which Mara is suppose to be, yet her toying with him seemed more villain-ness.

I loved when Mara shot Nathan and before she pulled the trigger for the kill, Nathan whispered “I’ll always love you Parker” and Mara looked conflicted. She didn’t understand why his words affected her so much. Not only did she switch from Audrey to Mara but she got all her and the others memories. So having her fight herself from killing Nathan because Audrey is in love with him and she feels it was freakin awesome!

The season premiere was awesome and left me wanting more! This season is definitely going to be intense and mystery and I cant wait!

If you haven’t seen Haven on Syfy , catch up NOW! Don’t forget to watch Haven on Syfy on Thursdays @8pm








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