Doctor Who: Listen Episode Review!

Clara (Jenna Coleman) and Danny (Samuel Andreson) go on a dinner date, and let’s just say shit gets awkward. Unintentionally the conversation takes a wrong turn, Danny’s time in the military is brought up and some things are said that just aren’t flirtatious.

Clara leaves and heads to her place only to find The Doctor waiting for her. The Doctor tells Clara that he needs her and asks her a question.

Are we truly alone?

The Doctor explains that “dream” every kid, and some adults, have when a hand grabs you from under the bed. In order to answer that question The Doctor takes Clara and uses the Tardis psychic link to travel to Clara’s childhood.

But with Clara still thinking of her disaster date with Danny, the Tardis travels to 1990. We meet a little boy named Rupert Pink (Danny’s younger self before he changed his name).

Rupert is afraid of something under the bed and Clara tells Rupert that there’s nothing there and to prove a point she crawls underneath. Rupert joins Clara under the bed with laughs and giggles until someone sits on the bed. SHIT JUST GOT REAL!

Climbing out of the bed they see someone under the covers sitting on the bed. For normal people they would probably leave screaming. If it were me, BEAT IT WITH MY LIGHTSABER AND YELL HYSTERICALLY! For Clara and Rupert, well they just stand infront of it.

The Doctor suddenly appears and tells them to turn their back to it and ignore it.

Whatever was under the covers disappears and Clara uses this opportunity to try to help Rupert be fearless. Using his toy soldiers she places them under his bed and tells him that their there to protect him. Which is how Rupert became Danny, one of the toy soldiers was named Danny. Oh and why he joined the military.

Clara feels guilty about how her date ended with Danny, so asking The Doctor to take her back moments after she left the restaurant to try to patch things up. Only to blow up on her face once more. Clara let it slip in calling Danny Rupert which Danny didn’t appreciate . Danny storms off  just as an astronaut walks in and calls on Clara.

Clara thinking it’s the Doctor in the suit follows him into the Tardis. Only to find out the under the suit is a Danny look-a- like! The Doctor explains to Clara that he found, Orson Pink, 100 years into Clara’s future. When travel to the end of the universe, where Orson was in, they learn that something lurks on the planet. The Doctor of course curious to see what it is opens the door to it.

Clara and Orson have a little chat, and we learn that time travel runs in his family. Clara is shocked and speechless because I mean wouldn’t you?

The Doctor tells Clara to go into the Tardis so he could face the “monster” alone. We he gets saved by Orson and Clara uses the Tardis psychic link to travel home, only to find it land somewhere else.

This is where you get a huge shocker!

Clara meets The Doctor before he was the Doctor! That’s right! Clara meets a little boy Doctor!

She was forced into hiding under the bed when she hears people approaching. Just as, a woman and man, walk away she over hears them say that they child on the bed doesn’t have it to becoming a Doctor. Clara is shocked with the news and suddenly the child wakes up and swings his legs out of the bed, where Clara grabs onto.

Clara now understands that she was the “monster” under the bed, she was what The Doctor feared and tried to figure out. Clara whispers to the little boy aka The Doctor to go back into bed and sleep. That all this was a dream. Clara returns to the Tardis and begs The Doctor to never return to that place. Clara then returns to the present and confronts Danny. Then we learn that there was in fact a little kid trying to scare him as a child. Then they make out! I still don’t like them together.

This episode was a bit creepy, anything with things under the bed and unknown things are always scary. This episode left a lot of questions and wanting more, as every episode should.

Don’t forget to catch Doctor Who on BBC America every Saturday @9pm


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