Sons of Anarchy: Black Widower Review!

Tuesday was Sons of Anarchy season 7 premiere (The Final Season) on FX and it returned with no mercy!

Jax (Charlie Hunnam) is in prison, if you remember from last season he was being charged with the guns from the school shooting,  (which he turned himself in), to save Tara (Maggie Siff) from going to prison for Otto’s death.  You see him brutally beating an inmate! Once the inmate pass out Jax pulls out some of his teeth.

We later see Jax drop the teeth on a table in front…Marilyn Manson (guest star) who plays a hardcore supremacist, like he needs anything to make him look creepy, to earn a place to sit.

Jax then gets visit from Patterson (CCH Pounder) and she releases him prison since there was no evidence to the charges. The scene with Patterson and Jax was definitely intense and heartwarming. When she tells Jax about her son’s murder and her crave for vengeance really gave you the idea of the season. Jax wants revenge for the death of Tara and you could see the pain and loss in his face. You had the impression Patterson hated SAMCRO but her compassion towards Jax shows you that she know what type of person Jax, and her fear is that with the loss of Tara Jax will lose himself as an honest and noble man.


Gemma (Katey Sagal) and Jax in the car driving away from the prison is FREAKING AWKWARD! You know she killed Tara yet Jax doesn’t know and that’s what make that scene difficult to watch! You’re yelling in your head, GEMMA DID IT! GEMMA DID IT!

We learn that Tara has been buried and Abel has been having a hard time with the concept of his mother gone. Jax tells Gemma that he isn’t ready to see his boys yet and heads to the ice cream shop to meet with the guys. I think Jax has a “clear” idea of his plans and he feels like if he sees his boys he’s morals will get the best of him and he won’t get his revenge on who took Tara from him.


Wendy (Drea De Matteo) is out of rehab and wants to help Jax raise the boys. She gets a lovely surprise when she arrives at her house and finds not only Juice (Theo Rossi) there but that he’s been living there, oh and he’s hiding from the club because they will kill him. Oh and Gemma is helping him. Watch yourself Wendy cause bitch just killed Tara and you beat your ass she’ll kill you too!

Jax reunites with his crew and it’s so chilling but it’s done so simple. The club sit on the table and fill in Jax on everything, then Jax takes a breath and says “I already lost the woman I love. I’m not going to lose my club.” This is the pivoted moment where he basically says that all the good he’s done, trying to get the club out of guns and all things violence, has done nothing but lose his true love and he’s done with it. He wants blood! I got the chills watching this scene because for 6 seasons you have loved and watch Jax grow and not to mention that he’s come this far! HE’S GONE TO THE DARK SIDE! (I’ll always try to reference Star Wars one way or another)

SAMCRO of course support him in whatever he needs because I mean it’s Jax!

Nero (Jimmy Sits) has been hanging around the Mayans but is trying to be the peacemaker. Nero gives his condolences to Jax and tries to get him to talk to Marcus (Emilio Rivera) to combine SAMCRO and Mayans. You could see Jax was like “fuck you” but “let’s go talk to your new boss.”

I didn’t think it was possible to hate Gemma more…but she did it! First, let me point out the Katey Sagal plays Gemma so well, she definitely deserves an Oscar for BIGGEST BITCH EVER! Her scene with Juice, “explaining” why it’s best to keep the truth from Jax was INFURIATING!! The nerve of that woman to say she’s the only person keeping her family together and that Thomas and Abel should know a strong woman. WHAT THE FUCK! Tara was stronger in protecting her family not to mention the club while putting her name and life on the line!

Gemma tells Juice he needs to leave town and to stay low until she can get money to help him. You know the only reason she’s helping him is because he knows she killed Tara and she basically has her life in his hands, not the other way around.

Jax and the club are everywhere. You try to figure out what they’re truly up to and you find out. Jax throws himself a “welcome home” party and has tons of people and “special services” present. We learn that Gemma told Jax that she saw a guy coming out of the house the night Tara was killed and she identified him as one of the members of Lin Triad.

Jax then plays Henry Lin (Kenneth Choi) into thinking all is well in their business relationship but Jax believes, under Gemma’s false accusations, that he put the hit on Tara.

Jax and the crew then take the poor innocent guy to Jax’s house and we see him tied up as well as gagged. Jax walks up to him and says under the lines of he knows he’s just a soldier following orders. He then takes out multiple tools from the drawer and places it on top of the counter. We don’t get to see the torture but when the camera comes back to him, all bloody, well you feel disturbed already. YET IT WAN’T OVER!

Jax then whispers to the nearly dead man on the chair, “we’re almost done.” To which he walks behind him and holding a BBQ fork (the same tool that was used to kill Tara) and plunges into the guy’s head!

Based on just the first episode of the season you know they’re not holding anything back. This is definitely going to be a bloody, brutal, intense, dramatic finale season! Black Widower set the tone for the season and you might need medication for you racing heart before it explodes out of your chest.

Don’t forget to watch Sons of Anarchy on FX Tuesdays @10pm!


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