Sons of Anarchy: Toil and Till Episode Review!

Last night was another explosive episode from Sons of Anarchy, The Final Season. From the season premiere we knew that Jax was out for blood in the murder of Tara. With Gemma’s lying ass Jax believes Henry Lin’s men were behind the hit.

Jax and SAMCRO get more man power in destroying Henry Lin’s business. The return of Jury, the president of SOA Indian Hill’s charter. Jax reveals his game plan involving Henry Lin. He will get rid of all his friends and once Henry is alone Jax will comfort him as a “friend” then tell him that he was the one that destroyed him. He will ask Henry who he cares about the most and that’s the person Jax will kill as well as everyone else close to him. Then he will kill him, slowly and painfully as possible.

Jury is speechless and you can tell he wants to try to reason with him but vengeance is far too deep into Jax. Two young men show up, that Jury explains are “local muscle” and can be trusted.

DID HE NOT HEAR JAX? Why on earth would you bring more people into that mess!

They get to work and shoot anyone who looks asian, bodies are piling up as they continue the shooting. Not only were Henry’s men making a trade but now cocaine is added to the mix. SAMCRO pick up all the guns and drugs, oh and the dead bodies, ready to head out.

Then we see Jax, Chibs, and Bobby have a plan of their own.

Wendy finds out that Tara was about to sign up Abel for Pre-K and tells Gemma it would be good for him. So with Gemma’s permission, Wendy and Nero head on over to try to make Abel have a better future.

I liked the scene with both formal junkies talking about trying to stay clean and how they feel like if they fall again everything falls with them. I got to say, this season I’m liking the new sober Wendy. She’s trying to not only help with the boys but she’s trying to do what Tara wanted, become an example for Abel and Thomas by leading them away from all the violence.

There’s a new sheriff in town, Sheriff Jarry (Annabeth Gish) is now in charge of Charming. Her first job, hired Wayne. Wayne, long retired, took this opportunity to not only “help” in whatever Gemma might need and look into Tara’s death. Wayne knows something is going on that Juice, who held him hostage for 24 hours bound and gagged, and Gemma who isn’t exactly truthful.

Good instinct Wayne!


Gemma goes to Juice and tells him that he needs to leave and gives him her father’s abandoned house, but as he drives around he returns to Wendy’s apartment. I think he knows that no matter where he goes Jax will find him. In some level Juice believes he deserves what he’s going to get so why bother hiding.

Your conscience man!

At the end of the season was heart breaking. Jax finally decides to see his boys and when he lays down with Abel and holds him, you felt sorry for him. He knows that he’s going in deeper and deeper and that pain is going to hurt him even more than Tara.

Another episode of blood, pain, despair and lost hope and it’s only the second episode into the season.

Don’t forget to catch Sons of Anarchy on FX every Tuesday @10pm

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