Bitten: Summons Episode Review!

Bitten premiered on Syfy January 13 this year and it has been in my DVR since then. I just haven’t had time to get into a new series but I wanted to watch this one, a mean a female werewolf, the only female werewolf, has to help her pack track down another werewolf that is on a killing spree. Intriguing, right?

Last night I was finally able to watch it…I’M HOOKED! I couldn’t stop watching it and would have probably been half way done with the series have it not been the fact I had to be up and early the next morning.

I stopped at 5 episodes and I thought I would at least review the pilot. Once I finish the whole first season I’ll review it as a whole, but for now it’s only the first episode.

Let’s begin…

Elena Michaels (Laura Vandervoort) is a talented photographer in New York and is in love with her boyfriend Philip (Paul Greene). Her life is what she’s always wanted and couldn’t be happier, but one thing gets in the way.

She’s a werewolf.

Elena tries to make her life as normal as possible, but with her being a werewolf that tends to be a bit difficult. The only person who knows a therapist Logan (Michael Xavier) who turns out is a werewolf as well, and a part of her pack.

Elena tells Logan that she was close to “changing” in front of Philip and we learn that Elena has been preventing herself from changing when she needs to. Which is making her lose control. Elena puts it behind her once again and gets ready to support her boyfriend, who will be receiving an award.

Elena is about to meet Philip’s mother and that to get her is scary than turning into a wolf. Just as she’s trying to relax and be the supporting girlfriend she receives a call from her home, her pack leader to be exact.

A “Mutt” ( a werewolf who doesn’t belong to any pack) has been murdering in their hometown of Stonehaven and dumping the bodies in their property.

Jeremy (Greg Bryk) the Alpha of the pack calls everyone back home to try to catch the killer. The pack is ready to deal with this issue, except Elena. Elena tries to ignore Jeremy and her obligation to the pack in returning home. She’s trying to live  a normal life and her leaving it to go to a place she left beyond a year ago is difficult enough, then add Clay.

Clay (Greyston Holt) is in the pack as well and Jeremy’s “adopted father” oh and Elena’s ex. Clay is known for his temper and is still deeply in love with Elena.

This is COMPLETELY irrelevant but when Clay first appeared, I thought, “they could have gotten a hotter guy.” BUT THEN, HOLY CRAP!

I mean…I’M…*DROOLING!!


Okay, back to the topic.

Elena decides to go back and help, telling Philip that her family needs her. The only problem to that is that Elena had been in the foster system since she was 5, when her parents died in a car accident, and now she says she has other family members. Elena explains that she only find out of them recently and doesn’t like to talk about her past. Philip, a family guy, understands and doesn’t push the subject.

Elena arrives to Stonehaven! The first to welcome her is Clay! Loved that! You can see that she hates that fact that she has returned but Clay is definitely a huge reason why she left.

Clay, knowing that Elena doesn’t want to be there or near him, still tries to get as close to her as possible.

Meet the rest of the pack!

Antonio (Paulino Numes) is best friends with their Alpha Jeremy and his son Nick, best friends with Clay.

Antonio is just as calm and reasoning as Jeremy, which is why their friendship works. Nick on the other hand is completely opposite of Clay. Nick is a sexual being, and very flirtatious with anyone he finds worth his attention.

Peter (Joel Keller) is your laid back rocker dressing and goofy member of the pack.

Together again, the pack get to work in finding this Mutt and ending all the killings. Once Elena and Clay find him in a club, seeking for his next victim, the mutt is killed.  With unanswered questions, who bit him and why did he drop the bodies in their property, the pack decide that their work is done and part ways once again.

Just as Elena and Philip get ready for dinner, Logan and Logan’s girlfriend Rachel (Genelle Williams) arrive. Logan and Elena were blindsided, they quickly play the part of cousins and try to do what they’ve been doing, hide their true selves. Suddenly, Clay calls Elena and Logan answers, and get some heart wrenching news.

One of their members was brutally murdered…by a mutt!

The pack reunites once more, to honor their brother and find out who did this.

I love show! I couldn’t stop watching it, filled with mystery and romance. Good cast, with the ability to act, which is awesome. A story that could go either way, and I like that!

Overall, Bitten is worth binge watching!

Bitten was picked up for a second season and will return next year!

The entire first season is available on Netflicks.



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