Haven: Speak No Evil Episode Review!


This episode picks up right where the last one left off, Mara had shot Nathan and left him for dead. Duke finds Nathan and starts telling him that the trouble, where peoples faces have been sewn shut, is caused by him. When Aubrey retroubled him all of his families past troubles went inside him.

Duke continues talking and doesn’t realize that Nathan had been shot.

Mara is still on the lose and killing with no mercy, like stabbing a woman in the eye with a pencil. Mara then finds Vickie (Molly Dunsworth) and uses her trouble, her drawings come to life, to try to open the portal to get out of Haven. Luckily, her trouble isn’t strong enough to open the portal so Mara tazers her and steal her badge from the hospital.

Dave finally wakes up from his coma and reveals, with some pressure from Vince, that when he entered the portal all those years ago he physically hurt him. Now that he was close to entering a second time, pulled really, he got injured the same way.


Dwight is being asked what is going on and he tries to do what’s right for Haven, and the people see and appreciate it. He was appointed leader of the Guard, taking the title from Vince.

Duke is trying to stay calm, and still searching for Jennifer, but every time he asks anyone for help their faces are stitched up.

Mara had gone to the hospital using Vickie’s key card to enter in search of Athers, the black goo that makes troubles. Nathan arrives and finds that Gloria (Jayne Eastwood) had hidden it. Nathan uses that to lure Mara and try to catch her from killing another people.

Mara receives the message that Nathan has what she needs and agrees to meet only to find out that Nathan will willingly give her one of the Athers to her so that she can leave Haven for good. He would much rather her leave than her killing more innocent people and have her face remind him of Aubrey.

We finally learn the whereabouts of Jennifer.

Jennifer had washed up shore, dead. She had no water in her lungs which means she was long dead before she hit the water. When Dwight informs Nathan, Nathan says he should be the one to tells Duke. Since the trouble is triggered by denial Nathan knows there’s a chance he will be sewn up like the rest.

Just Nathan tells Duke about Jennifer the trouble hits him, once his lips are stitched up Duke comes to his senses and accepts the fact that she’s gone. Nathan then is returned to normal. Nathan leaves Duke and hunts Mara, he had promised Dwight that once he got her he would hand her over to him, but something unexpected happens that changes the plans.

Nathan managed to knock out Mara but just as he’s putting her in the back of the truck, Nathan leans in to kiss her one last time, suddenly Mara or be yet Aubrey wakes up and says “Nathan?” Aubrey quickly tells Nathan that she’s still there and it feels like Mara is crushing her. Just quickly Mara returns and yells at Nathan. Nathan then drives off, ignoring the fact that Dwight was on his way to get her, with Mara/Aubrey in the trunk.

Another awesome episode and eager for next week!

Make sure you catch Haven on Syfy on Thursdays @8pm


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