Bitten Season 1 Review!

As soon as I began watching it I was hooked! I finished the entire first season in 2 days, 13 episodes.

Elena was called back from her Alpha, Jeremy, to return home because there is a Mutt, a werewolf without a pack, killing innocent people and dumping them in their private property. Elena is not only the only female werewolf EVER, she’s one of the best trackers. Jeremy, the Alpha of the pack called everyone home, Stonehaven, his adopted son Clay whose known for his temper. Jeremy’s best friend Antonio, who like Jeremy is very calm and intelligent. Antonio’s son Nick, who just so happens to be Clay’s best friends, is your typical flirtatious city boy. Peter is a rocker type guy with a jokerster personality.  Lastly, Logan, the only person Elena kept in touch with when she left Stonehaven. Logan is a psychiatrist in the city and living with his girlfriend Rachel, whose a human and knows nothing about werewolves or the fact that he is one.

When Elena, after some serious convincing from Logan and Peter, arrives at Stonehaven emotions run high when the first person that welcomes her is Clay, her ex-lover/ex fiance. Elena, since leaving Stonehaven, meet and fell in love with a human named Philip. So when things begin to feel normal a big, fat reminder that she’s not normal when she’s called back home.

The pack know that there’s mutt going around town and killing people, then dumping their bodies on the property to frame them. Trying to figure out who the werewolf is was hard enough without the police suspecting them as the killers. With the pack work around the clock to solve the case, Elena stills has to keep Philip from finding out the truth.

That’s just too much work!

Elena has told Philip that even though she was in the foster system this “family” was all she had. Philip believes that Elena was called home because her “cousin was in a car accident” and she needed to help the family. Elena had a lot on her plate with trying to lie to Philip, trying to track the mutt killing people and not to mention her feels for her ex/pack partner. My suggestion is to hump, oops I meant date, Clay instead of Philip.

She didn’t, at least not right away anyway.

Clay doesn’t hide his feels and tells Elena that she belongs with him and the pack. Clay, although hot tempered, is very protective in not just her but his pack/family. We learn that 4 years ago Elena was applying to become an assistant to a professor in the college, who just so happens to be Clay. Clay is hesitant to hire Elena right away, not because he wanted to sleep with her and that would get him fired, but because he wanted an assistant who knew a thing or two about anthropology, which is what he teaches. Elena and Clay didn’t get along right away, but Clay hired her because of her dedication, and when they finish the school year they admitted that they had fallen in love.

In a flashback we learn that when Clay brought Elena home to meet Jeremy, and Clay ended up biting her which turned her into a first ever female werewolf. Elena always resented Clay because of it. The hunt for the mutt was solved and everyone thought the killings were over, of course Elena was the most relieved to return to her life with Philip. It was cut short when one of their own was brutally murdered.

They reunite again to honor their brother and figure out who committed it. Things go from bad to worse real quick! There wasn’t just one mutt but multiple ones and before they were turned they were killers, rapes, etc. add the strength of a werewolf and you got yourself a very dangerous and unstoppable wolf. Suddenly, another one of them is killed.

The pack was losing and if they didn’t hurry to stop the mutts, there wouldn’t be any pack left.

Mutts are increasing but something even worse arises. Someone from Elena’s childhood is turned and is after her. Jeremy knows that she needs constant protection, no questions ask. So when Elena tells Jeremy she’s having her photography displayed in a gallery, Jeremy sends Clay with her. Elena has her boyfriends and ex -lover (wait is it still ex lovers if they slept together again?) in the same roof. ACA-WKWARD RIGHT!

During Elena’s gallery her worst fear shows up and Philip comes to the rescue. Clay however, isn’t impressed and tells Elena that she’s in danger in New York and need to return to Stonehaven. Elena of course doesn’t want to Philip unprotected, although she knows that she needs to end their relationship. She wasn’t the only having one having a crisis.

Logan’s girlfriend Rachel finds out that she’s pregnant. Most guys, okay all guys, freak out when their girl is pregnant but Logan was freaking out for a different reason. In their history in werewolves when a woman is pregnant with a boy, the father is to take the child away from the mother and raise it with the lessons their kind. Logan doesn’t want to do that and that is a big problem in the clan, because if the guy denies the law he is denying his pack and declares himself a mutt.

Logan tries to keep Rachel’s pregnant a secret and away from the pack, but that gets thrown out the window when he receives a gift, a baby gift. He realizes that he and Rachel are being watched so he turns to the pack for help. Elena tries to help Logan with Rachel, who is scared shitless because she still has no idea about the werewolf thing, in them getting to a safe location. When Elena returns to her apartment, she finds Clay and Philip under attack. She had no choice but to change and save them, only she managed to save Philip and not Clay.

Clay is taken hostage! He gets tortured and is made a bate to get to Elena. Clay’s capture was what Elena needed to admit that she’s still in love with Clay, then she goes cray-cray!

Jeremy orders Elena to stay with pack instead of going to go rescue Clay. Elena disobeys and saves Clay! When Clay is returned to the house, very badly beaten and dehydrated, Jeremy reveals something to Elena.

Jeremy tells Elena that the day Clay brought her to the house, Jeremy had been in wolf form and thought that Elena had seen him change back to human form. Jeremy ordered Clay to kill Elena because their wolf law is that no human can know of their existence. Clay had bitten Elena to save her life. Clay had kept the truth from her because Clay knew Elena needed Jeremy for the training, and if she knew the truth Elena would hate Jeremy. Clay sacrificed his love to save Elena. Elena was furious and hurt with Jeremy and she vowed to protect him, as he has done for her, even protect him from Jeremy.

Clay and Elena rekindle their relationship but reality hit, they were still being hunted and the mutts had to be destroyed. The remaining pack are at war! Fights were all over the house and the pack was wining!

When the fight was over Jeremy had an unexpected guest, who turned out to be the mastermind behind all this. His father, one he thought was killed, shows up and informs Jeremy that the war isn’t over. Just as Jeremy’s father, Malcolm, drives away you see that he has Rachel with him. SON OF A WHORE!

Logan was searching for Rachel and had run off. Nick was now trying to do what his father, Antonio, was known for. Elena and Clay had each other and were madly in love. Happy! Joy…WRONG-O!

Just as Elena returns to her room to retrieve her ring, Clay’s engagement ring from 4 years ago, and looks in the mirror happy with her ring back on her left finger she sees something on her bed. When she turns, OMG! TOTALLY DID NOT EXPECT THAT!

Won’t tell you, sorry, you must watch it to see an epic season finale. Of course you have to watch the entire season to really have an effect.

Now, does the show have flaws? Yes, sure, I mean there’s not Oscar worthy acting but their better than most fantasy shows or movies out there. The action sequences are done really good! Characters are likable and you want to root for. There’s plenty of room for improvement, as to any tv show.

What I liked about this show was that it wasn’t too slow or too fast, kept you guessing, actors that could act!

Bitten has been picked up for a second season and will premiere next year! I’m eager to see, not just the story continue but the characters and the actors progress. The second season needs to be intense, violent, action packed, humor doesn’t hurt, and some more episodes that tells us more about the werewolf history as well as Elena’s training in the beginning of her transformation.

 Laura Vandervoort (plays Elena Michaels) posted this on her instagram after the show was renewed!


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