Geekess turns 2!

Today is Geekess 2 year anniversary! When I started my blogs, I just did it to talk about the things I love, books, shows and movies. I did it to share my obsessions! Not once did I think people want to read my posts. I’m amazed at how far my blogs have gone! I want to THANK YOU for reading my blogs! My blogs were meant for me to escape, my own place where I can express my love for books, movies and shows.

When people get as excited as I get about things, well that’s an accomplishment for me. I love talking about my obsessions, but want I love is getting people into them. Their inner geek is there, they just need a little push to let it come out.

My blogs haven’t just help me talk about the things I love, but helped me grow! As a writer, researcher (info on these subjects aren’t easy) web designer, reviewer etc. I had no idea what I was doing when I first started. I had to learn how to express each genre differently and made sure they made sense at the same time.

I write my post as If I was a viewer, I ask myself, is this something I would want to read? I put in everything I have into my blogs, so when I see people viewing, liking and commenting, well that’s the best reward I could ask for.

These two years have flown by and a lot has happen, but I want to just say that its my absolute pleasure in sharing my obsessions and give you the best and accurate information about them as I can. Thank you guys again!


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