Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Shadows Episode Review!

Season 2 premiered last night and as excited as I was to continue the show, it began a little slow. However slow pace it began, the ending WAS SO SHOCKING that I couldn’t bring my mind back to reality.

We were taken back to 1940s, where Hydra were looking for a specific item that they could use for their advantage. A similar face shows up, Agent Carter, with her team and stop Hydra. As Shield agents pack up all of Hydra’s artifacts and plan to lock them up for good.

Present day, Skye, May and Antonie are spying on a trade with a possible Hydra agent. Suddenly someone out of the shadows jumps out and grabs the information he needs. We learn that Coulson had recruited more agents and one of them is Xenia! Lucy Lawless plays Izzy and her partners were sent to try and catch the agent turned Hydra into leading them to their headquarters.


When the team returns we see Flitz and Simmons working on different projects for the team. Flitz, because of what happened last season, suffered from lack of oxygen that has mentally stranded him. Simmons tries to comfort him and tells him that he’s recovering just fine.


Coulson is now director works non-stop in trying to find loyal agents and keep his team alive. May and Coulson found some clue as to who the mystery guy was that stole the info on the item, which leads into seeing where and what happened to Ward. Coulson needs Skye to a locked charmer where their keeping Ward and try to get information about the mystery guy.

From that scene, the episode turned dark. Ward tells Skye that he pretty much tried to commit suicide anyways he could. You can see Skye began to break but she held her ground and was very strong in walking away from a man she respected and began to fall for.

The mystery man is the absorbing man, when he holds on to something his body changes into it. The team is sent into a very secured facility to retrieve the artifact the guy is after before he does. The team were told to get the item but Skye, May and Antonie were in another mission. They needed a helicopter that can vanish in the sky, since everyone still believes all agents are bad.

Before the episode ends Coulson is watching Flitz through the camera and reveals that since the accident he wasn’t been the same, mentally, and when Simmons left it left him even more broken that he began to talk to himself.

HOLY CRAP!! Simmons was never there, it was all in Flitz’s mind! Total mind blown! I was heart broken to find that out about him and would what will happen to him. Will they bring back Simmons back? Maybe he needs her to recover, I mean she was the only one he could really talk to, that and he was in love with her!

The episode started slow but did pick up around the middle and with a shocking ending you were back to wanting more.

Don’t forgot to catch Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D on NBC @9pm every Tuesday.


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