Gotham Pilot Review!

As soon as they announced that we would be getting an origin story of Gotham, Batman before Batman, I was eager to watch it! Last night my stomach was in knots with anticipation.

The show starts off with a young Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova), who isn’t Catwoman yet, jumping from building to building. She then snatches a wallet from a man and the man chases after her. She escapes into an alley just as the Waynes walk in.


Martha and Thomas Wayne are walking into an alley with a young Bruce Wayne when a thug pulls out a gun at them and orders them to give him money as well as Martha’s pearl necklace.

We all know the story, this is the pivotal moment of Bruce that lead him into becoming Gotham’s hero. What gave me that goosebumps was when Bruce and Gordon meet. We know that they will become allies in trying to clean up Gotham but this moment was so well done that it brought tears to my eyes.

Before we get into the relationship of Gordon and young Bruce, Detective James Gordon (Ben Mckenzie) is new to Gotham and that’s dangerous all in itself. Ben Mckenzie playing Gordon was brilliant! He not only played a character we knew had strong morals and believes he can change Gotham for the better, but he brought a tough-guy persona.

He’s partner Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) is the exact opposite of Gordon, but there relationship shows how corrupt the city has become. Bullock has lived in Gotham and not just knows the “ropes” but has learned how to survive it. In Gordon’s case, he sees black and white, the good and the bad. Donal Logue is a fantastic actor and having him play in this show was beyond god sent for the producers of the show.

The police want the case of the murder of the Waynes solved as fast as possible, and Gordon is determined to do just that. This is where we meant more characters! Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) works as some sort of police go to guy for advice of objects they can’t identity.

A new character in the DC universe is Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) who is just as evil and tough as her boss Falcone. Her sidekick is none other than Oswald Cobblepott (Robin Lord Taylor) who just like her, finds torture entertaining.

The detectives get a hit on the case which leads them to meet Ivy, that’s right little Poison Ivy. Her abusive father, Mario Pepper, has a very long record of rape, robbery, etc. they have no problem in believing that he may be connected to the murders. Pepper’s makes a run for it and ends up getting shot by Bullocks to save Gordon. When they return to the Pepper’s household they find Mrs. Martha Wayne’s peal necklace.

Gotham believes that the police solved the case, and Gordon believes he kept his promise to Bruce in catching the man who killed his parents. However, Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) is told that the police got the wrong guy and she then confronts Gordon. Gordon is shocked by the news and wants answers. In Gotham people would have probably walked away and said “what’s done is done” but Gordon knows that justice means truth.

When he tells Bruce that he didn’t catch the right killer, Bruce said he’s glad because he wants to see him again. Ultimately that’s what motivates him into becoming Batman.

Gordon is held hostage and Bullocks comes to his rescue only to end up just like Gordon. When Falcone, of all people, orders them to be released Gordon is put to the test. Bullocks had taken Oswald, the man who ratted out of Fish, and tells Gordon that his orders are to kill Oswald and if he didn’t he would get a bullet in the head.

This is where Gordon realizes that in order to help not just Bruce but Gotham he needs to play the game.

This show was just like a mini movie! It was everything I thought it was going to be and more! Gotham was amazing and I can’t wait to see what happens next, as well as meeting the Joker! That’s right! We might get a glimpse of the Joker, maybe his origin story?

Don’t forget to catch Gotham every Monday @8pm on FOX



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