A Secret in the Attic Book Review!

For a 156 page book I was expecting it to be done with in an hour or two. However, it took me 8 days to finish, not because I was busy but because it was so bad!

Amy’s grandmother gave her her bookstore for a graduation present. Amy, now a bookstore owner, was busy working when an older gentleman named Henry walks in her store. Henry tells Amy that he thought she was his “Annabelle” a woman he loved dearly but had lost years ago to another man. Amy was intrigued with his story but when Henry set her up with his grandson Jake, her whole world was turned up side down when she learns her family is cursed.

Sounds good, huh? Well I thought so too, which is way I picked it up. Yeah I was wrong!

What I didn’t like was that it was monotone, from beginning to end. The dialogue was just so motionless that you didn’t believe what the characters were saying. The relationship between Amy and Jake was just so flat that you didn’t feel like they were in love. Which was another problem I had with it.

These characters just meet and they made out. Days pass and Jake invites her to a Halloween party at his house, when they danced he proposed and she accepted. What?! They’re complete strangers and after maybe a week their engaged.Sure it’s a short read but that doesn’t excuse that fact that it was just written so badly. I’ve plenty of short stories that hook you in and you believe, not what the writers says but the characters.

I was disappointed because the idea was good and it just crashed!

On Goodreads, some enjoyed it and some, like myself, did not. Again, this is my opinion on the book, but if you read it and find yourself enjoying it then good for you.

As for me, it was a waste of time and wouldn’t recommend it.


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