I haven’t posted in a while, for that I’M SORRY! I went on a cruise with my coworkers and well being suck in the middle of the ocean, with no wifi might I add, caused a pause on my blogging and tv watching. I knew I was going to miss my shows but when I arrived home and checked my DVR, I was shocked to see just how many shows I’ve missed. I finally caught up and instead of reviewing each shows on separate posts, I decided to just review all my shows on one post.

I’ll go in order as to when they aired.

Sunday September 28th, Sunday October 5th

Once Upon A Time (ABC) Season 4 premiere and Episode 2

A Tale of Two Sisters” & “White Out”

Frozen enters Storybrooke! They pretty much added Disney’s Frozen into the show, only a few years later. Anna (Elizabeth Lail) is engaged to Kristoff (Scott Michael Foster) and Elisa (Georgina haig) isn’t feared by Arendale. All is well, except when Elisa finds their late parent’s diary things get emotional. According to their late mother’s diary, the King and Queen of Arendale left because of Elisa’s uncontrollable powers. Elisa is heartbroken and feels responsible for their deaths. Anna doesn’t buy it and believes there’s more to the story. Anna then takes off, despite her sister’s wishes, to the Enchanted Forest to seek answers.

This is how Elisa got to Storybrooke. Anna never returned from her trip and Elisa will stop at nothing to find her sister. Anna not only arrives to the Enchanted Forest but meets David aka Prince Charming, well before he was Prince. David helps Anna and Anna ends up helping him. Back at Storybrooke, Emma feels guilty for Regina’s heartbreak and tries to avoid Hook. When a huge ice gate appears Emma, Hook and David investigate. Elsa, having no control over her powers, ends up trapping her and Emma inside the ice gate. Emma starts to freeze and of course Elsa replies “it’s never bothered me” great tribute to the movie.

Hook and David rush to not only save Emma but to find Anna. Elsa knows that if she doesn’t do something fast Emma will die, so she managed to create an opening for her and Emma to escape. They didn’t find Anna but using Bo peep’s (who turns out to be a total bitch) crook they find out that Anna is still alive. Regina is beginning to return to her old ways, yeah heartache will do that to you, honestly if every woman had magic there would be a shit load of Regina’s when a guy broke our hearts. I do hope she stays “good” because she’s come this far! Hook and Emma are still hot for each other but trying to stay away too, well for Emma anyway. Although Hook and Emma shared a touching moment when she nearly died and she wouldn’t let go of Hook.

From the 2 episodes, season 4 looks promising, as always, and I’m excited to see the story unfold for the Frozen characters.

Monday September 29th

Gotham (FOX) episode 2

Selina Kyle”

Bruce begins to harm himself, according to him he’s “testing himself.” You see him channel his inner Batman! I have read some say that they didn’t like the fact a young Bruce already in training, but for me I see it as him grieving. You have a little boy who witness his parents get shoot and how the shooter spared him, for him he felt like responsible.

In the streets of Gotham it’s home to many kids, including Selina Kyle/Catwoman or like she refers herself as “Cat” but let’s face it she’s Selina or Catwoman, there is no other. Pat and Doug, two people who bring food to the kids of the streets, suddenly attack using a pen that sedates them. Selina escapes just in time.

Gordon and Bullocks take the case and find out that Pat and Doug are kidnappers, the pen which was used to sedate the kids was infused with a drug that was only used in Arkham Asylum. We also see that Oswald/Penguin is alive and even more psychotic than before. Oswald is determined to get his revenge on the people who “wronged” him, and in a trailer he rented he posted pictures of people of Gotham and the murder of the Waynes. He is definitely planning something, I wonder if he will return to Gotham knowing that if he returns he will receive something far worse than death.

Gordon saves the day, more than once which made me love him even more! What made your jaw drop in this episode was at the very end where Selina talks to Gordon and reveals that she knows who killed the Waynes.

I love this show and it just gets better and better!

Tuesday, September 30th

Agents of Shield (ABC) Episode 2

Heavy Is The Head”

Hunter gets captured by General Talbot and Talbot offers him a deal, money and a proper funeral for Izzy, all in return for Coulson. The team is still after Creel and the Obelisk. On the plus side the team have the Queen Jet which will make the missions a bit easier. Flitz is still very distance towards the group and having a hard time with his regular activity. However Mack begins to crack down Flitz’s wall and he starts to feel like himself again. Skye knows Coulson is hidding something from not just the group but from her.

Skye confronts May about Coulson which May then faces Coulson. We learn that something is wrong with him and he “can’t control it anymore.” He begins to draw symbols and May photographs it. Hunter returns to the headquarters and tells Coulson that he wants Creel for killing Izzy. Coulson realizes that he needs men so recruits Hunter, again, to help catch Creel and see who he is working for.

May, Skye, Trip and Hunter head off to capture Creel and Hunter shoots the three of them unconscious. Flitz comes through and the team get Creel. The shocker is the return of Raina, the even bigger shocker is we meet Skye’s father! Apparently Raina and Skye’s father can touch the Obelisk without dying, and before the episode ends, Skye’s father orders Raina to bring Skye to him.

More questions but I continue to love the show each episode!

Haven, Sons of Anarchy and Doctor Who episode review will be added soon…



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