Gotham: The Balloonman Episode Review!

A vigilante is killing corrupt Gotham citizens by attaching them to weather balloons. Oswald returns to Gotham, against his better judgement, and is on a killing spree. The people of Gotham call this vigilante the “Balloonman” and consider him doing the city a favor by giving them justice. Gordon and Bullocks take the case but it becomes a priority when the “Balloonman” attacks a Gotham police officer.

Gordon takes Selina to the scene of the crime, the Wayne murder, and Selina informs him that she was on fire escape when the killer arrived. If Selina helped Gordon figure out who the killer is then she would be free. Of course Selina out smarted Gordon and escaped, however Gordon did find out that the information she gave him was in fact the truth.


I wanted to know how Captain Essen knew Barbara, and this episode was a definite shocker! From the looks of it they were a couple! WTF!!! Essen tries to tell Barbara that Gordon murdered Oswald under the order of Falcone. Barbara knowing what kind of people Gordon is kick out Essen, but not before she makes a move.


By the end of the episode we learn that the “Balloonman” was a social worker and he felt that Gotham was so corrupt that he took matters in his own hands. Gordon knew Gotham was corrupt but the “Balloonman” really made him realize that he needs to do more than just solve crimes. He tends to visit Bruce often and I liked the “tribute if you will” to the Dark knight trilogy. Bruce tells Gordon that he will donate money to the orphans, which we know he continued years after.

Oswald arrives at Gordon’s and Barbara’s home, so you know he will get a least a punch to the face by “saint Jim.”

Again, I’m loving the show and each episode is a mini movie.

Don’t forget to watch Gotham on Fox every Monday @8pm



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