Agents of Shield: Making Friends and Influencing People Episode Review!

I was anticipating this episode because I wanted to know if Simmons really did turn to the dark side. We knew Simmons left but we had no clue as to where she went or what she’s up to. Simmons was shown waking up, exercised on her treadmill, grabbed her coffee and headed out. She arrived to a large building and went through security, where she made small talk to the security guard. Walking into the lab and she began to work, when suddenly a man shows up and asked to have her reports on his desk. Just as we was leaving we see the Hydra symbol on the wall, SHE’S WORKING FOR HYDRA!

My theory was that she had to be working undercover. Okay I’ll admit I wanted that to be true because we already lost Ward, not Simmons too! My theory was proved right when Coulson paid her a visit. Simmons began working for Hydra to gain access and reports back to Coulson, however the rest of the team is left clueless.

Skye and May continue to work together, rather well, and Skye has been dominating every task May throws at her. The team find out the a previous case has resurfaced and Hydra is after him. Donnie Gill has the ability to freeze pretty much anything, since last season he was off the radar until now. Hydra has a brain wash technique, that reminds me of Clockwork Orange, where the handcuff a person and wire their eyes open so they see the screen infront of them at all time. With specific phrases the person is hypnotized to follow orders without question.

Sunil Bakshi, the second in command, takes Simmons and the rest of the Hydra soldiers to capture Donnie. However, Shield shows up and prepare to intervene. Simmons is speaking to Donnie just as Hunter is about to take her out, thinking it was just another Hydra soldier. May shoots Hunter, (not a deadly shot) and saves Simmons. This is the moment the team learn that Simmons is undercover. With that in mind the team try not to blow her cover but in result Donnie was taken out by Skye to save them all.

Who would have thought that Flitz would have just an impact on the show. With his inability to complete a sentence because he was deprived of oxygen, caused by Ward. Flitz knows that the team is hiding something from him, and when he goes to look for answers he’s speechless. Flitz finds Ward and breaks down. To be face to face with the man that caused you to be disabled not to mention who you thought was your friend, cause Flitz to snap. Flitz tells Ward what he did to him and Flitz turns off the oxygen to Ward’s cell. Sure it was wrong but in the words of Flitz, “I didn’t kill him.” Flitz does make some improvement but you see him fall back as well. Perhaps he needs Simmons to fully recover.

Just as the episode is about to end, Skye visits Ward. First let me say, Ward is a bad guy but he’s deeply in love with Skye, and is drop dead gorgeous with his beard. I’m a woman, can you really blame me for this!

Anywho, Skye visits Ward, which makes Ward smile, Ward drops a bomb on Skye. Ward reveals that he knows Skye’s father and that her father is looking for her. Just then Skye ends the conversation and walks out. I’m pretty sure she isn’t human and neither is her father.

Don’t forget to catch Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D on ABC at 9pm every Tuesdays

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