Vampire Next Door Book Review!

I’ve been quite some time since I’ve finished a book in one day. I’m so proud of myself, HIGH FIVE MYSELF!

A girl is found beaten, close to death, in the middle of the woods by a hunter. At the hospital the girl is named Jane Doe, due to the fact that she has not identification. Jane was so badly beaten that she was in a coma for weeks. Her physician, Dr. Jack Walker, because attached to Jane Doe. Jack is shocked that one has claimed to know their Jane Doe and with so much damaged done to her he fears that she might not remember anyone if they did come for her.

Sebastian Alexander is looking for “Jane Doe” and will stop at nothing to find her. The local newscasters posted a photo of Jane and Sebastian was relieved that she was alive. Sebastian finds the hospital she’s at and sees just how bad shape she’s in. Sebastian bites his wrist and makes her drink his blood.

Sebastian Alexander is a vampire! With just a bit of blood her wounds began to heal. Jane finally wakes from her coma and finds Dr. Walker there. Jack is astonished of her recovery but is happy to finally speak to her. Jane has no memory of the accident or anything else for that matter. Jack goes above and beyond to take care of Jane. Jane feels safe with Jack, and not knowing anything of her past, Jack seemed to bring some joy to her nightmare.

Months pass and Jack can’t hide his feels for Jane and he proposes. Jane accepts and they begin their lives together. Once married Jane Doe becomes Jane Walker.

Jane’s memory doesn’t return after a year since the incident but having Jack does seem to help her heal. Jack surprises Jane with her very own bookstore, for her love of literature. Jane and Jack can’t be any happier but when tragedy strikes Jane once more. Jack is killed. Jane falls into a deeper depression than ever before, and wonders if she would ever recover. Matt, Jack’s twin brother, has kept his eyes on Jane since his passing. Jane is grateful for Matt yet she feels like torture because he looks just like Jack.

A year passes since Jack’s passing and Jane has done somewhat okay with herself. Running a bookstore helps her keep her mind busy but she wishes that her memory would return, perhaps find her lost family. Suddenly, her next door neighbors abruptly move away and in moves in a mysterious handsome man.

Jane is at work when her new neighbor walks in. Sebastian Alexander introduces himself to Jane and when they accidentally touch hands there’s an instant spark. Jane is attracted to Sebastian but feels like she’s betraying Jack, which is understandable. Jane and Sebastian become closer, with makes Matt extremely jealous.

Sebastian is conflicted about Jane and wonders if it’s best to tell her that he knew her before the attack. With Jane still very fragile mentally, Sebastian keeps the secret to himself and just tries to make her fall in love with him, again. Jane’s attacker is still out there and Sebastian wants to know who and why attacked her.

Jane finds out about Sebastian being a vampire, and although she knows it’s a very complicated situation, but her love for him makes it easier to see past the blood sucking for eternity part. Things begin to fall, yet again, for Jane. Not only was she attacked in her own house, she encounters someone from Sebastian’s past that brings somewhat part of her memory back, and not in a good way.

Vampire Next Door by Angela Snyder is fast paced and an easy read. I was surprised to have enjoyed it as much as I did. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a romance, mystery and fantasy book.

Who doesn’t love a hot, sexy vampire!


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