Haven: The Old Switcheroo Pt. 1 Episode Review!

Dave and Vince switched.

Gloria and Dwight switched.

Nathan and Duke switched.

Switched what? Bodies.

Vince heads to North Carolina to seek answers about Dave’s adoption when suddenly they switch bodies.

Back in Haven Nathan and Duke continue to treat Mara like Audrey, but her attitude is making it difficult for them to look past Mara’s walls. Nathan comes up with a plan that might help them get Audrey back now that Mara knows about her returning. Nathan believes that if they take her on a case Mara’s walls might fall enough time for Audrey to break through.

At a hospital two patients attack each other and soon Haven P.D look into it. Once there Gloria and Dwight switched bodies. Nathan arrives to find out what has happen, which he finds amusing, and tells them the plan with Mara. The switch with Dwight and Gloria is just hilarious and I loved how Adam Copeland asked as Gloria.

Just as Nathan investigates the patients attack Audrey returns, just barely alive thanks to Mara, and tells Nathan that they patients had switched bodies. Gloria does the autopsy on the victims and finds out the the patient was killed by asphyxiation because the other patient choked the other. However, once the patient died so did the one who killed him die. Dwight, or should I say Gloria, figures out that once the bodies switched if one of the bodies dies so does the other.

Nathan and Duke are back at Audrey’s home and just to figure out the trouble whose causing the bodies switching. Audrey wakes up and tells the boys that the trouble is revolved around secrets. Audrey tells Nathan to not take Mara to the case and leave her with Duke.

Duke suspects Mara is up to something. Duke begins to talk to Mara about Audrey, when they first met, Colorado, and suddenly Audrey returns so Duke continues to talk about their friendship.

Nathan returns to the hospital for more questioning. Vince and Dave find out that the lady at the restaurant might be keeping the truth from them.

Audrey ask Duke about their kiss in Colorado and asks why he stopped it. Jeffery escapes, who just so happens to be related to the woman in the restaurant, suddenly Nathan and Duke switched bodies. Nathan is in Duke’s body and finds out Duke and Audrey had kissed in Colorado.

Nathan, I mean Duke, calls Duke who is now Nathan, and we find out that Duke figured out Mara has fooled them in pretending to be Audrey. Nathan is still hurt about Colorado but Duke tells him that they kissed but they knew nothing was going to happen. Duke had figured out her plans when she had said the kiss meant something, which is something Audrey wouldn’t say.

Vince and Dave find an open thinning in North Carolina.

Haven is now on a Fridays at 7pm on SyFy!


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