The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary Episode Review

After what seems like an eternity, The Walking Dead returned. Before I start the review let me just get this out there, THIS WAS BY FAR THE MOST INTENSE, EMOTIONAL, ACTION PACKED SEASON PREMIERE IN HISTORY!!

At the end of last season the group was captured by the “Termites” from Terminus. Rick, Daryl, Carl, Maggie, Glenn, Michonne, Tara, Sasha, Bob, Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita are kept in a train car but use what they have to create weapons for their escape.

As soon as the group prepare to fight the “Termites” throw a smoke bomb inside the car. Grabbing only Rick, Glenn, Daryl and Bob, Grant and his followers lead them to the chamber of torture and death. The four men are gagged, tied, and forced to kneel infront of barrel, along side them are 4 other men in the same position. 4 of the men are killed and their blood begins to fill the barrel. Right when one the butchers is ready to kill Glenn, an explosion goes off outside.

Rick takes this opportunity and stabs the butchers and releases the rest. A little flash back to Carol and Tyreese heading to Terminus when a herd of walkers head to Terminus. Carol over hears a man about Carl and Michonne being held captive, with that information she leaves Tyreese and Judith so she can help the group.

Once she gets near she sees Rick and the rest being taken away from a train car, with fire works and her gun she blows up a wall into Terminus. With the loud noise the herd of walkers walk right in. Carol uses blood of a walker and disguises herself as a walker. Rick and the rest head to their train car to save the rest, still not knowing Carol was the one who saved them with the distraction of the fire work.

Carol is a total bad ass!! Going in after her friends, alone with hundreds of walkers and psychopaths who kill and eat people, and succeed was truly amazing.

Once the group escaped Terminus and head into the woods to retrieve their weapons, Carol appears and Daryl is the first to run to her and hug her. This was the part where I was on the edge of tears, but believe me when I say I was like “oh my god!”

Rick hugs and thanks Carol for saving their lives, Carol then leads them to someone we all have been waiting for. Tyreese and Judith are standing outside a cottage when the group arrives. Rick and Carl sprint towards her and begin to cry with joy. Yup, you guess it, this was the part where I balled my eyes out! The reunion of Rick and his baby daughter was, as I suspect am not the only one, one of the highlights of the season.


Now the only one missing is Beth, and I can not wait until Daryl and Beth reunite because we all know they love each other and belong together. At this point I’m practically sweating from so much emotions, yet it wasn’t over just yet.

Just as the episode is about to end, we see someone on the railroad tracks with their back turn. Suddenly the person turns around and their face is covered up with a mask. The person removes the mask and it’s…Morgan! HOLY CRAP!! He has returned and by the looks of it he is heading towards the group. My brother, sister in law and myself screamed from excitement and shock!

Season 5 premiere was by far just the greatest season premiere ever!!!

If you haven’t seen it, OH MY GOD WATCH IT!

Don’t forget to watch The Walking Dead on AMC Sundays at 9pm



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