Agents of Shield: Face My Enemy Episode Review!

A religious painting has the same writings Coulson has been craving. The team prepare to go under cover to retrieve it, well Coulson and May go under cover, as a married couple. Just as they’re about to make their move, an unexpected guest arrives. Talbot is after the painting as well, so the team decide to act fast and find the painting before Talbot does. Unfortunately, Talbot beats them to the punch and Coulson and May decide to try to figure out why he wants it. May follows Talbot to a hotel room, only to find out that he’s working for Hydra. May starts to fight a woman in the hotel room but as Talbot, only it wasn’t Talbot, shocks her with a teaser knocking her unconscious.

The man they believe was Talbot was actually using a high tech mask that changes your appearance to anyone you choose.

Back at the plane, the team begin to really bond as they wait for orders from Coulson. Flitz, still keeping his distance, sees how easily the team talk to each other that the imaginary Simmons tries to convince Flitz to join them. Flitz believe that the team see him as a weak link and damaged. When the fake May arrives at the plane she plants a  device to the planes system. Coulson and May depart from the group and head over to see the fake Talbot. Suddenly, the plane shuts down and they find the device that’s connected to the wires and if they don’t stop it the plane with explode.

Flitz comes to the rescue, once again, and tells the team what needs to be done. Coulson and May arrive at the hotel where the meeting with Talbot will be taken place, however Coulson notices May is acting different. Coulson realizes that May isn’t May and they end up fighting outside the door of the fake Talbot’s room. Inside the hotel room is May tied up but finds a way to escape and fights her enemy.

Coulson and May escape with the painting just as Hydra soldiers arrive. With another successful mission the Hunter, and Mac celebrate with a beer and ask Flitz to join. Flitz takes the beer and tells the guy that he was in love with a girl who didn’t feel the same way and because of that she left. Hunter and Mac are taken by surprised but take this as a good thing for Flitz.

Flitz’s situation and Ian De Caestecker’s acting just gets me every episode! That fact that he feels so lost and damaged without Simmons and feeling left out from the group really breaks my heart. However, I’m glad that you feel so connected to a character that you root for at the end, that is a job well done in movies or shows.

Don’t forget to catch Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D on ABC Tuesdays at 9pm



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