The Mortal Instruments Tv Series!

I know I’ve said this before but I need to vent! It was recently confirmed that The Mortal Instruments was finally returning, after months of speculations, but as a television series. WHAT FUCK!

Alright, I’m well aware that City of Bones didn’t do well in the box office, but the movie wasn’t at fault. I honestly blame anyone who was in charged of promoting. If you were to talk to anyone about the film you would most likely get confused looks. TMI needed to have followed the success of Twilight, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, basically all the adaptions that crushed the box office.

When I heard the news of TMI becoming a tv series I was pissed. Not sugar coating it! I’m a huge fan of the series and the film, in my opinion was true to the book. The actors were perfect to the characters, and the scenery was beautiful.

Ed Decter is the showrunner to the project, and having an impressive resume does make it a wee bit better. With the news freshly new there isn’t much to know. Other than production is expected to begin early next year and aiming for a Fall premiere, we should hear more soon.

Although, I know the original cast will most likely won’t return which means a recast is a must. Lily Collins was very set on returning when discussing sequels, not sure if that would still be true for a tv series.

The only way I would think TMI would be successful as a tv series is if it premieres on Netflicks. Think about it! With the success of Hemlock Grove and Orange is the New Black, why not The Mortal Instruments. If they shoot for a network then I strongly recommend FX, AMC, SyFy or ABC. With FX, AMC and SyFy they would get opportunity in telling the story without worrying about being too violent, dark or even nudity.

I’m very disappointment in this outcome but no matter what I will watch and support The Mortal Instruments! I love the series and it deserves to be as popular if not more than Twilight.

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