Once Upon A Time: The Apprentice Episode Review!

Anna is still missing.

Elsa is still searching for her.

The Snow Queen is still on the run.

Oh and Emma and Hook go on a date. If you are anything like me than you were as giddy as a kid on Christmas.

How if happen was even better. Emma was the one to ask out Hook!

With their upcoming date, Hook decides to do something for Emma. Hook asks for his hand back from Rumpelstiltskin or Mr. Gold who lucky for Hook he has kept it in a lovely glass container. Although, Mr. Gold is very hesitant to help his arch nemesis, Hook reminds him about his secret to Belle. Before reattaching Hook’s hand, Gold warns him that reattaching he’s old hand will have extreme consequences. His hand was from his old self and once it’s returned, he’s old behavior will affect his new self. Ignoring Gold’s warning Hook receives his hand and is prepared for is date with Emma.

Emma and Hook go to a fancy restaurant only to run into Jack, who stole from Ice Cream shop. Later that night Jack is trying to break in the library when Hook finds him. Hook tries to tell him to go home, on the case that he’s completely wasted, but Jack refuses and ends up getting hit in the face by Hook. Shocked by what he just did, Hook threatens Jack, that if he told anyone Hook hit him, well he would die.

Hook then realizes that Gold was right about his hand and goes to him to remove it. Gold then says he won’t remove it unless he does something for him first. Hook has no choice (he does actually, like tell Emma for instance) so Hook helps Gold.

Gold has found an object that he recognizes from his past. The objective is a box which contains a hat that can remove magic from their owners, and makes the owner of the hat unstoppable. Did anyone recognize it as Mickey’s hat from Fantasia?

In a flash back we see Anna has tracked down Rumpelstiltskin and asks if he knows the reason why her parents left Arendale. Rumpelstiltskin doesn’t answer or do anything without a price, this is no exception. Tricking Anna, Rumpel manages to steal the box with the powerful magic. However, Anna is pretty clever, which surprised Rumpel. Anna escapes his deal and returns to Arendale. So what happen to her if she returned?

This is season is filled with turns and questions, and overall just as enjoyable than past seasons.

Don’t forget to watch Once Upon a Time on ABC Sundays at 8pm


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