Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: A Hen in the Wolf house Episode Review!

Before I start the review let me say this was one of my favorite episodes! I’ll explain in the review.

Simmons learns that Hydra is working on turning the obelisk into a weapon. Simmons then reports back to Coulson but is suddenly in trouble when the head of security Bobby Morse conducts an investigation to unveil the rat.

Raina then contacts Coulson and reveals that she knows about Simmons being undercover and will expose her cover if Skye doesn’t follow her. Where, oh just to meet the father she thought was die! The team hearing everything is shocked! Coulson however declines. Raina is now the one speechless! The message is sent to Hydra letting them know that Simmons is the rat.

I was like “What the hell Coulson, DO LET THEM KILL SIMMONS!” Then I remembered, it’s Coulson and above all else, he considers his team his family. Just as the Hydra soldiers get ready to grab Simmons, Morse kicks their ass!

No seriously, this chick was awesome sauce!! Morse introduces herself to Simmons, and was sent by Coulson to keep an eye on her. Bobbi and Simmons are safely returned to the plane wit the rest of the team.

This was a hilarious scene! Bobbi, turns out to be Hunter’s ex wife and he freaks out when she arrives. Comical! I learned, from my brother ( that Bobbi is non other than Mockingbird from the comics. I’m excited to see her throughout the season and her role in Avengers 2.

Skye knows that Coulson is hiding something, and not just the team but from her, when she sees writing very similar to the writings on the back of the religious painting. Skye then goes to the one person who she dreads seeing, Ward. Ward informs Skye that those symbols are the same as the ones Garret wrote when he was injected with the GH325, and we all know how well that ended.

Skye then confronts Coulson and she learns that the drug has effected him dramatically, but it seems that the drug hasn’t effected Skye. Coulson tells Skye that she may be an alien. There’s a lot of things a girl doesn’t want to hear, but being called an alien might just be on the top of the list.

Coulson shows Skye the writing and admits that he has no idea what they mean. To conclude the episode Skye says that the writing is a map.

Don’t forget to watch Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Tuesdays on ABC at 9pm

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