Once Upon A Time : Breaking Glass Episode Review!

Emma and Elisa are still trying to find Anna and capture The Snow Queen, but most importantly Emma is trying to figure out why she can’t remember ever meeting The Snow Queen.

Flashbacks are shown in the episode of Emma’s childhood. When Emma escaped from the orphanage she ends up meeting a girl who was always on the run.

Back in Storybrooke David makes Mary Margaret leave baby Neal with Belle so they could have a special night out. A really cool scene in this episode was when David and Mary Margaret go to the sheriff station to get the walkie talkies, David then mentions that no matter where they are they’re reachable even if their in Asgard. For those who didn’t know, Josh Dallas (David) played Fanral in Thor, and Thor’s home is Asgard. I thought that was a cool tribute!

However, Mary Margaret is hesitant and ends up ending the night early to return to the baby. Just when she’s leaving she spots Will Scarlet, who escaped from prison, unable to resists she confronts Will and believes David put this whole thing so that she could feel like herself again.

Emma seeks Regina’s help but since the whole bringing her soulmate’s wife back from the dead thing, their relationship has been on the rocks, more than usual. Elisa goes missing and Emma and Regina are forced to find her. That leads them to the Snow Queen.

In the flashback Emma and her new friend are hiding in an abandoned summer home. Emma believes that her new friend was also running from the foster system, liker herself, but when a man finds them Emma learns that he’s her friend’s father. Emma is hurt because she was lied to by someone she thought was her friend. When her friend asks for forgiveness Emma walks away.

Back to present time, Emma tells Regina that she wasn’t expecting forgiveness but she considered her a friend. Regina is stunned and in some way they resolve their issues.

The Snow Queen was after Regina’s mirror because it consist of dark magic. She definitely has a plan up her sleeves.

Hook finds Emma in the police station with a large white box and Emma reveals that it contains some things from her childhood. Emma finds a video camera, one she and her old friend used, and decides to watch it. Hook is there for support and the begin watching, only when it was cut to her young self and a little boy arguing. Emma doesn’t remember the interaction but then a lady comes into the frame and it’s none other than the Snow Queen.

This episode was definitely a “OMG” episode type!

Don’t forget to watch Once Upon A Time Sundays on ABC at 8pm


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