The Walking Dead: Four Walls and a Roof Episode Review!


The reunion was cut short when three of their members suddenly go missing. Sasha goes searching for Bob just as she notices markings on the trees. Sasha, Tyreese and Rick realize that they aren’t only been watched but being followed.

Bob is now missing a leg and being held captive by the last remaining terminus people and their leader Gareth, who were the ones that cut off his leg and eat it in front of him. I didn’t think they could out match the Governor but Gareth is one sick, twisted, and scary dude. Just as Gareth continues to eat Bob’s leg and “tries” to justify his reason for eating people, Bob laughs hysterically. Bob reveals that he was bitten and therefore his flesh they have been eating was tainted.

Gareth and his crew freak out and return one-legged Bob to Rick and the others. Once Bob regains consciousness he reveals that Gareth was responsible and causes and uproar within the group. Rick decides it’s time to take them out, however Abraham tries to convince Rick that now is the best time to leave to Washington. Before things get ugly between Abraham and Rick, Glenn intervenes and tells Abraham that if we waited until morning to leave Glenn and Maggie will leave with them. That way it buys them some time for Daryl and Carol to return, where ever they are.

Rick, Glenn, Maggie, Abraham, Sasha, Tara, Michonne head out to seek Gareth, leaving Tyreese, Rosita, Eugene,  Gabriel and Carl with baby Judith back at the church. Just as the group leave in the shadows are Gareth and his cannibal posse.

Garth and his people enter the church with two lock doors on each side. Instead of busting the doors open, Gareth talks to try to convince them to open the doors to them. Gareth has a way of talking very menacing, yet charming way that just brings chills down your spine.

The scene was excruciating! Just then Rick and everyone shows up and butchered Gareth and his people!


Bob died and Sasha was devastated. Morning arrived and no sign of either Daryl or Carol so Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene packed up the church’s bus, along with them, as promised, was Glenn and Maggie.


Michonne was keeping guard outside the church at night when suddenly movement were heard in the woods. Michonne investigates only to find Daryl…without Carol. When asked where she was Daryl looks into the woods and says “come on out.”

I have a feeling it’s Morgan! But where the hell is Carol? And from the looks of next week Beth is in hell, more so then the world populated by walkers, in a hospital. Being a hardcore Walking Dead fan, as well as my brother and sister-in-law to which we watch it together every week, ended up having a conversation. They have a prediction, that Beth has gone insane, because of what Daryl said in the preview for next week. Daryl says he was with Beth for a while but she’s gone.

To me that sounds like he’s telling either Rick or the group of his time with Beth when they were separated back at the prison. Him stating “she’s gone” was referred to her being taken from him by a black car with a white cross on the back. I do hope my theory is correct because if my brother’s and sister-in-law’s is right I might be the one to be insane!

Don’t forget to watch The Walking Dead every Sunday on AMC at 9pm




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