Gotham: Spirit of the Goat Episode Review!

A flashback to ten years ago shows Harvey Bullock with his old partner about to take now a killer known as the Goat. A man who wears a black mask and his victims were the first born of rich families. The flashback shows a very different side of Harvey, a caring, brave and dedicated detective.

Just we their about to get the killer, Harvey is attacked along with his partner. Harvey then ends up shooting “The Goat” whose real name is Milkie.

Present time, Harvey is standing infront of a dead woman in the same way as the Goat case. Harvey is shaken up and can’t believe that it’s happening again.

Gordon and Barbara are trying to talk things through about their relationship. Gordon knows that Barbara can’t know everything he’s going through, for her safety, not because he doesn’t trust her. Gordon then tells her he will try to tell her everything, only to cut the conversation short so he can help Harvey with the case.

Montoya and Allen are still trying to figure out who killed Cobblepot, and find out, from a homeless man, that Gordon was the one that killed him. They soon get a warrant for his arrest.

Harvey and Gordon figured out that someone with keys had to have been responsible for the killings. When the autopsy arrives on the first victim, Harvey reveals that this isn’t just some copycat from years ago because of the same why the victims were killed weren’t documented.

Harvey is forced to seek help from his old partner, Dick then tells him that he believes it’s a conspiracy.

With much digging Harvey and Gordon are sent back to the same place Harvey took down Milkie all those years ago. Finally catching the killer the detectives are look at the killer without his mask. Harvey reveals to Gordon that something doesn’t sit well with him, and he feels like this isn’t over.

Just as Harvey stares at the killer through the double mirror at the station, the killer begins to clutch his fist, similar to one of the victim’s father when questioned. Harvey realizes that the psychiatrist, who treat not only one of the victim’s father but the previous killers as well. The psychiatrist confirms Harvey’s accusations and tells him that it was all for the good of Gotham.

At the end of the episode Gordon is arrested for the murder of Cobblepot, but along comes in Cobblepot and Harvey is pissed.

This one was by far the best episode!

Don’t forget to watch Gotham on FOX every Monday at 8pm


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