Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: A Fractured House Episode Review!

The U.N is attacked by soldiers impersonating Shield and now the team is on the hunt. General Talbot is called to, pretty much get yelled for not getting Shield under control. The senator decides to take control of the situation. Who is this senator…well it’s none other than Grant Ward’s older brother!

A shocking new twist!

The team begin their investigation on the soldiers who attacked and the weapon they used. Their only true lead is Ward, which is not setting right on the team. However, Christian Ward as the Senator who believes and ordered the heads of Shield, the team doesn’t have much choice in “trusting” the word of Grant.

Skye tries to get as much information off Ward but Ward suddenly becomes defensive, stating that his brother is worse than he is. With Skye trying to get intel from Ward, May, Hunter and Bobbi track down the creator of the weapons the Hydra soldiers used on the attack.


The relationship between Bobbi and Hunter is comical! With being ex husband and wife and having to work together is just icing on the cake, but what I loved about this episode was that as much as they bicker when they’re in action their completely in-sync.

As much as this episode held action it also hit the emotional part as well. Having Simmons back I assumed Flitz would recover, not right away but at least be start to lead in that direction. WRONG-O! Simmons tries to get him into helping her on the case, only to find him losing his patients with her. Flitz snaps at her and finally tell her that she left him because he was damaged. I swear the whole Flitz/Simmons thing makes me ball my eyes out!

Coulson and Senator Ward come to an agreement and what he wants is his brother. Which one is truly the evil one?  Of course Ward is way to smart to just be taken to his so called bully of a brother, and that was proved right when he escapes.

Season 2 is just awesome and keeps bringing amazing stories and character developments that leaving wanting more.

Don’t forget to watch Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D every Tuesday at 9pm



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