Untouched Book Review!

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. By the looks of the book I can probably tell that you think it’s your typical erotica, made for middle-aged woman, and written by a horny 18 year old.

Well you’re right on this one.

Now, before I start my review let me point out that I’ve read some books that have the girl’s nipple on the cover while the guy before it ready to start the procreation started, and have been blown away at how well it was written and relatable characters that you actually cared for. Since then I’ve definitely, well at least try not to, judge a book by it’s cover.

I was hoping that Untouched was going to be one of those. The story is about a young woman named Risa was had the ability to read people’s mind until an accident happened that somehow removed her power.

Risa was being protected by the CIA more importantly Agent Daniel McAlister. His orders was to kill Risa only he ended up falling in love with her instead. Now not Risa is “normal” she has to live like one as well with the help of Daniel. When a scientist that she worked with suddenly goes missing, Daniel and Risa are on high alert. Risa and Daniel have a strong sexual attraction to each other and end up having sex, Risa suddenly hears Daniel’s thoughts. Daniel and Risa are then hunted down by the same agency that he works for. They team up to try and figure out how Risa got her powers back, find the scientist, and not get killed in the process.

When I read the summary I thought I was in for a good adventure with some romance, only to be disappointed at the end. Well I take that back, I was disappointed throughout the book. First of, when I’m reading a romance book, or a book in general, I want to feel like it’s really happening, especially the dialog. When characters interact you want to hear them as if someone would really say that to someone else. Everything was very corny and monotone. When the characters were talking it wasn’t the character talking but the author typing words. Make sense?

Certain characters have different ways of speaking, with their own unique personalities. For example, when a character is described as sarcastic they character always has a sarcastic remark with everything they say. The way the character is described is how a character should sound, and unfortunately  this book lack that.

Would I continue reading this types of books? Absolutely, because I’ve read enough books to know that they’re not all the same. As for this book, it just didn’t do well in my eyes.


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