Horns Movie Review!

If Harry Potter was sorted into Slytherin and we got to see him and Ginny Weasley do it!

I’m sorry but he will forever be known as Harry Potter, and he should embrace it because I loved him then and still do but it is hard not to mention Harry and the rest of the Harry Potter characters in this review. I’m gonna do it anyway!

Ig (Daniel Radciffe-Harry Potter) is being accused of murdering his girlfriend Merrin (Juno Temple-because of her ginger hair she’s Ginny Weasley) after they got into an argument.

Ig is trying to ignore all the accusations and mourn for the loss of his true love. His parents, big brother, and his two childhood friends are the only ones he was for support. Ig is in deep depression and blames himself for leaving Merrin after they fought, which was the last time she was alive. His bestfriend and childhood friend Lee (Max Minghella) takes his case as his defense attorney and tries to take off as much stress off Ig as he can.


Ig’s older brother Terry (Joe Anderson) is definitely the favorite, as a talented musician and closet drug addict, and Ig knows he can’t level to him. Ig ends up getting drunk and sleeps with is childhood friend/bartender Glenna (Kelli Garner) only to find horns growing on his temples.

When he asks Glenna is there’s anything wrong with him, Glenna reveals why she over eats. Confused and freaked out Ig heads to the doctor’s, only to have a similar outcome. The doctor tells Ig how he loves to do drugs and he wants to sleep with his daughter’s friend. Ig figures out that the horns bring out the truth out of people without even trying.

You know how girls always have the fight with their boyfriends or vice versa, and they say “God I wish you would tell me the truth!” Yeah, well some things our best hidden. There’s this heart breaking scene where Ig arrives as his parents house and because of the horns his parents say things that no child should ever hear.

Ig, how he manages to go on is beyond me, decides to use his horns to his advantage to find Merrin’s killer. With flashback from their childhood you see that they fell in love when they were kids. Throughout the movie I started having predictions of who was the killer and sadly I go it right. I hate when I figure it out, takes out the surprise of the end.


The movie was weird and filled with bible reference, which I enjoyed. What I liked about this movie was that it was different then your typical horror movie as well as having a message attached to it.

Daniel Radcliffe proved that he knows how to act and vulnerability comes natural to him which makes his scenes realistic. Overall the story is different, even when you figure out who killed her, the acting was well done and even though you come back to Harry Potter references it is only because Harry Potter was so awesome that it fits with everything.



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