Once Upon a Time: Family Business Episode Review!

A flashback from Belle’s past shows that her and her mother were being attacked by giant trolls. Important to the story because after attack happen Belle’s memory of the event were erased.


Back in Storybrooke, Emma, her parents, David and Mary Margaret, Regina, her son Henry, Hook, Gold, Belle, and Elisa watch the tape Emma found of her and the Snow Queen when she was 13 years old. The one thing they agree on is that the Snow Queen is after Emma way before Emma was in Storybrooke.

Belle’s flashback shows her seeking answers to how her mother died and finds a story about rock trolls who can restore memories, location…Arendale.

Belle claimed she never met Anna or traveled to Arendale. Anna arrives back to Arendale and to her fiancee and sister and finds that she has an aunt. Anna confesses to Kristoff that something feels wrong with her so called “aunt” and wishes to seek answers from Grand Papy.

Emma and the group find the Snow Queen’s ice cream truck with files of Emma childhood.

Belle arrives in Arendale and meets another Frozen character… Oaken! Belle and Anna meet and Anna takes it upon herself to take Belle to Grandpapy for answers.

Grandpapy gives Belle a rock with her memories of the accident that took her mother’s life, all she need to is go back to that place and place it in a tea and drink it. Anna and Grandpapy talk and it’s revealed that Anna and Elisa’s mother had not one but two sisters. When the sister’s vanished, Grandpapy was asked to erase everyone’s memories. Just when they’re about to leave to warn Elisa about the Snow Queen’s true nature their hit with strong winds. Anna is thrown off the cliff and yells for help from Belle, but because of the strong wind the rock that has her memories is thrown off too. Belle tries to reach it while Anna hangs for her life. Belle then loses the rock and go and helps Anna, only it’s too late. Anna falls off and is unconscious, suddenly the Snow Queen arrives and takes the magic hat (the box she took from Rumple) and Anna.

Belle takes the dagger Rumple had trusted in her and orders him to take her to the Snow Queen’s lair. Rumple having no chose but to obey, but not because of the dagger but because it’s a fake one and if he were to deny her then she would know he had lied to her. Once Belle and Rumple arrive to the Snow Queen’s lair Belle starts her search for the box with the magic hat. When inside she sees a magic mirror, created by the darkest of magic. However, the mirror reveals secrets that even she beings to believe. Rumple arrives and takes her away.

Elisa finds her family book and just when things could’t get any stranger, we learn that the Snow Queen wants not only a family but her “perfect” family. Using the evil mirror she’s created can turn the entire town against each other leaving Emma and Elisa alive. The Snow Queen’s mission is to replace her dead sisters with Emma and Elisa.

Creepy, told you!

Don’t forget Once Upon a Time Sundays at 8pm on ABC


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