Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: The Writing on the Wall Episode Review!


A very dark episode and questions finally answered.
Some else is carving the same symbols Coulson is and killing people, let’s not forget about that. Ward in on the run and the team split up to try and capture him once more. While Coulson and Skye into the murder. One of the victims was a former agent, while Skye does some digging and Simmons constructs an autopsy, the former agent was injected with the GH325. The same alien formula Skye and Coulson were injected to save their lives.

Coulson realizes that the only way to track down the killer is to torture it out of him. Using the same brain machine that Raina had used, Skye, Simmons, Flitzi and a very hesitant Mac. Once under the machine’s system we learn the 6 other agents were injected wit the formula. Coulson was in charged of motoring them and while at first they seemed perfect, over time they became less “human.” While the rest showed disturbing signs of craziness, one stood out from the rest. The murder was also injected with the GH325 and though he acted normal, he too had the compulsion of craving out the symbols on himself.


Coulson suddenly becomes determined, not to find the Craver, but to find the last living agent who was injected with the formula before the Craver finds him. Coulson and the Craver finally meet, again, and just when we think Coulson is going to kill him, Skye and Mac show up with guns ready. However, Coulson had a plan. The agent who the Craver wanted to find claimed that he didn’t have urges to crave, but he did place the symbols in a different way than the rest.


From the last episode Skye had said the symbols looked like a map, though in this episode we learned it wasn’t a map but a blueprint. After discovering what Coulson, and the rest of the former agents were craving, his compulsion to crave disappeared.

Just as the episode ends Skye was about to hack into Bakshi’s cell phone, a “present” from Ward, when the phone rings. Ward talks to Skye, telling her that more “presents” from him will arrive for Coulson and Ward and Skye will reunite soon. How can Ward sound creepy yet sexy as hell? Talent!

So we finally learned what the writings are and thank God Coulson is normal again, but what city are the writings showing?

Season 2 has really made you forget about season 1, even though I enjoyed it. With new characters and a more complex and exciting story line, season 2 has proved to be, not just worth watching but an addictive show.

Don’t forget to watch Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D on ABC every Tuesday at 9pm


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